DP Daily Prompts: Truth Serum

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You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum.Who would you give it to(with the person’s consent of course)–and what questions would you ask?

If there is such a thing as a truth serum and I happen to be in possession of one vial, I’d make sure it goes to the right person.

It doesn’t seem to be an easy task to find someone who deserves to one vial of truth serum. The first thing to do is to find someone who likes truth at any cost. The next thing is to know if this person is interested to accept it. If the answer is affirmative, I’d like to know what will they do with it.

My first question is: “would you like to accept this serum?”

Second question is : “Will you use it for experiment?”

Third question is:     “How will you use it and on whom?”

If I were asked these questions, I’d answer: “yes I’d accept this serum.”

The second answer is: “Yes I’d like to use it as an experiment.”

The third answer is:       “I will use it on the biggest liar I know, who always lies to make himself/herself look good.”

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365 Writing Prompts: On the road

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If I get this opportunity to spend time living with a family, it will have to be with Saira’s family in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

I met Saira Aziz in Lahore, Pakistan, we were there to study B.Ed., I went from my hometown Comilla Bangladesh, she came from Gujranwala, Pakistan.

We stayed in the same dormitory, we became friends instantly, Saira was a very warm-hearted sweet person. She knew I was very homesick, she befriended me at a time when I wasn’t sure I could stay and complete my education degree.

I’d like to go to her hometown and stay with her family for sometime, it’ll be so awesome, we could talk about our time we spent in the hostel, the trips we took to Bano Bazaar, eating delicious chaat sitting on a bench, and laughing all the time because we were not allowed to eat outside, and we were doing it because we knew the hostel superintendent will never find out.

Those were such happy days we had no worries, we only had to study and the rest of the things were taken care of by our parents.

Yes this will be superb if I could pause real life and spend time with my good friend,Saira Aziz.

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DP Daily Prompts: The Great Divide

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When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction?  Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Most of the time fiction helps me relax, provided the story interests me. Recently I  read two books both were fiction,one was about a dog’s journey and the second one was about heart beats.

After reading these two books I felt great, I couldn’t help thinking about the dog, how faithful he was, the other one was the story of two wonderful people, how they met, their affection towards each other was magical.

Next I read a non-fiction, it was about the life of a little boy, how poor his family was, how he managed to get adopted when he was lost. It was amazing to know he was only five years old when he was adopted, was taken to Australia by the couple.

His life with the Australian couple was completely different from the one he had when he was with his birth mother and his real siblings. This boy proved though he was living a luxurious life in Australia he did not forget his birth mother and his siblings.

It took him twenty-five years to find his mother and siblings.

The best part is, it was written by the boy himself  after he grew up.I like both fiction and non-fiction.



365 Writing Prompts: Cleaning house

Is there “junk” in your life? How do you get rid of it?

When I look at the stuff we collected over the years I wonder, how will I get rid of it. It is not easy,but it has to be done. I have taken care of some, but there is much more left that needs to leave the cozy comfort of my house to somewhere which might be appreciated.

I had a burgundy velvet sofa set, I liked it a lot but thought it was in my house long enough, it was time for it to find a new home.I called the city, paid for the service and had it out in my lawn, the passers by, questioned whether I was really throwing it out, one motorist said, “Why it’s in such a good shape?”

I ignored what he had to say, left it out in  the yard, one guy in a pick up truck showed up thirty minutes later, loaded his truck and drove away.

This is how the furniture was taken care of, there are other things that I need to say good-bye to, with the weather getting cooler the frequent rainfall keeps me from putting it out on the curb, the question in my mind is, what if no one picks it up the thought of dragging it all back in is not an option,so I’d have to wait for a better season to clean my house.

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365 Writing Prompts: Ebb and flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interest shifts and life happens. Write a post for your blog but three years in the future.

The way things are going in the blogging world,I’m not sure what I’ll do three years in the future.I might turn into a poet, because I’m translating so many poems of Tagore, this is one option, I’m also interested in photography, if I start from this moment I might turn into a half decent photographer, in the words of George Bernard Shaw,”You never can tell.”

Chances are good I may pick up the art of writing poetry, and also photography, these two things may look different from what I’ve been writing since I joined “WordPress.”





DP Daily Prompts: Mouths wide shut

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Are you a picky eater? Share some of your food quirks with us( the more exotic the better)omnivores: What’s  the one thing you won’t eat?

I am not a picky eater, I am an omnivore I do eat meat and vegetables.There are certain flesh I do not eat, such as rabbit, frogs, pigeons and most flesh that are wild game, I get a peculiar smell which makes me nauseous.

Beef is my favorite flesh food, I cook it different ways, I always make sure it is spicy and hot.In my mind nothing can beat the taste of beef. I love it so much, once my brother looked at me and said, ‘ you like cow meat so much you’ll transform into a one.’

So far I still look like a human and therefore I feel I am not in any danger of looking like a cow.

Plant food i.e, vegetables? I like them all. I do have a favorite vegetable, okra, I can eat it every day I’ll never get tired of it.Second in line is Cauliflower,followed by egg plant, string beans, spinach, broccoli and every other vegetable on this planet.

I am an omnivore but do not like some flesh, I love all the vegetables!

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DP Daily Prompts: No Excess

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“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.”— Edna Ferber

Do you agree with this statement on excess?

I agree too much of everything is as bad as too little.

One of the things I find troubling  is those who are affluent, how much food they waste, the adults and  their children don’t hesitate to throw away food which was cooked for them because suddenly they have a craving for fast food, so they decide to leave to go to a fast food place to satisfy their craving.

Then there are people looking in the garbage to find food that’s thrown away by some rich kid.They are prepared to eat anything they find to satisfy their hunger.

This is when I think some have too much others have too little there is no balance.


365 Writing Prompts: A bend in time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up ? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

I had those moments of anticipation more often than I’d care to admit. They were not exactly excitement but were too stressful for me .

I had finished my school final exam. and had to wait a while for the results.I was not waiting for an outstanding result, how could I, I barely spent enough time  studying as others. I was hoping to pass the exam, I knew if I didn’t there was going to be trouble, my brother had already threatened to marry me off to some farmer or anyone of his kind, if I failed.

At fifteen things were looking dismal, and because my father passed away my elder brother was the head of the family, failure would mean I’d be at the mercy of my brother.

The day of the result arrived, our roll numbers would be out in the morning news paper i.e. of those who passed. I didn’t forget to say my morning prayer that day, I knew if I asked God to help me, He would.

The moment I heard the bicycle bell of the delivery man my heart beat faster, “please God I said let me cross this hurdle, I will study hard if I passed.”

The results were out on the front page my younger brother was jumping with joy, I’m not sure what he was thinking I was terrified, I opened the newspaper, the first page was filled with roll numbers of candidates who passed in the first division, I went on to the second page, after going through a whole bunch of numbers, I saw mine, tears rolled down my cheeks as I said,”Mom I passed.”


Fiction: Confusion

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was the first day of class, the university was buzzing with first year students, there weren’t enough volunteers to direct the traffic in the overcrowded building.

It was Marcy’s first trip in the city which to her seemed too large, she came from a small fishing community in Fogo, she found a small corner in the corridor sat down and watched all the other students running helter-skelter, is this what university is about she asked herself?

Suddenly she heard a voice from behind, “are you lost, I’m Socrates, you might think who named me, well who else my parents they think the name might influence me to be a Philosopher, did you ever hear such a thing in your life?”

Marcy was tongue- tied how will she respond, there were a million words in her brain, she was unable to speak, Socrates knew the girl was too shy to speak, to make her feel at ease, he told her where he was from and what he wanted to study, he certainly was not in favor of studying Philosophy.

His lighthearted conversation helped her relax, she said very softly, “my name is Marcy,this is my first visit in the city, I like you, I want to be your friend.”


DP Daily Prompt: Make it Count

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You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to(for example: the President, Kim K ardashian, a coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what is the message?

We hear and read about the President and Kim Kardashian often, but about the coffee grower very seldom or not at all.

I’d choose a coffee grower simply because coffee is a beverage consumed by many all over the world. I’m interested to know about their life as a coffee grower and also I’m eager to know about the coffee beans itself , their economy, profits etc.

The following is my dialogue with a coffee grower in Ethiopia.

Ranu: Who were the first people who recognized coffee in your country?

Coffee Grower: Ehiopian nomadic mountain people were the first people to recognize coffee’s stimulating effect,they did not drink it, they ate the red cherries.

Ranu: Do you know who spread coffee throughout the Middle East?

Coffee Grower: Oh yes we all know it, it was the mystic Sufi pilgrims of Islam who spread coffee throughout the Middle East, from there it spread to Europe and then throughout their colonial empire including Indonesia and the Americas.

Ranu: Why did the price of coffee plummet in 2003?

Coffee Grower: Economic poverty and social conflicts was the main cause.

Ranu: What can you tell me about Arabica coffee?

Coffee Grower: Arabica coffee or jasminum arabicum laurifolia, has always grown wild in the forests of the southwestern highlands of the Kaffa and Buno districts.

Ranu: What is the total are covered by Arabica Coffee?

Coffee Grower: The total area covered by Arabica and other types of coffee is about 400,000 hectares.

Ranu: What is the total production of coffee annually?

Coffee grower: Total coffee production is about 200,00 tonnes of clean coffee per year.

Ranu: Do you still grow coffee in Ethiopia’s mountain forests?

Coffee Grower: Yes, we cultivate coffee in four different systems, which include forest coffee, semi-forest coffee,garden coffee, and plantation coffee.

Ranu: Is Ethiopia the largest coffee producer?

Coffee Grower: It is the third largest coffee producer.

Ranu: How would you describe Ethiopian coffee?

Coffee Grower: It is the most popular coffee origins in the world.

Ranu: In average how much does an Ethiopian coffee grower earn in a year.

Coffee Grower: It’s about US 900 dollars.

Ranu: Thank you, I have learned a lot from you.

Coffee Grower: Do you like our coffee?

Ranu: I’m sorry I drink coffee very seldom, my daughter loves it,especially the Arabica Coffee.