DP Daily Prompts: Zoltar’s Revenge

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In a reversal of Big, Tom Hank’s classic from the 80s, your adult self is suddenly locked in the body of a 12-year-old kid, how do you survive your first day in school?

I did not watch Tom Hank’s , ‘Big’, I don’t know the story and I could not find it on YouTube.

I assume I’ll have to write my story of suddenly locked  in the body of a 12-year-old kid.

Today is my first day in this strange school, everyone is staring at me passing negative comments. It’s not my fault the magician locked me in the body of a twelve-year- old ignorant kid. I begged the sorcerer to change me back to my real self, he refused, told me perhaps I have forgotten how it was to be a twelve-year-old kid in school. He wanted to refresh my memory.

“I’ll keep you locked just for one day and then I’ll free you.”

I believed his promise, I went to school,telling myself it’s only for a day how tough can it be, the other twelve-year- old kids  knew I was new in that school,they got their opportunity to fool me when I asked one of them where the Principal’s office was, she drew a map for me which according to her was the fastest way to get to the principal’s office.

I carefully folded the map and put it in my pocket I was thirsty and needed a drink the fountain luckily was close by, I stopped, had my drink and took out the piece of paper that the girl handed  me. I was impressed by the map she drew, wow, I thought she’ll be a  famous artist when she grows up.

I then concentrated on the map, right then left, I kept going but could not see the principal’s office, where is it I said to myself but my loud voice, got the attention of the cleaning woman. She smiled and said,”where is what?”

The principal’s office I replied, she looked at me as if I had two horns on my head.

“Is that where you think you are going?”

Well yes I said I’m following the map she drew for me.

“Who drew this map?” she asked.

I don’t know I didn’t ask her , I replied.

It must be Jenny, she said, she always looks for new kids, to fool them.

But how will I find the principal’s office, I said.

The principal is in a meeting it won’t be over till 5 p.m., I suggest you go home,the school is over you won’t find anyone but me and the custodian.

I didn’t want to be lost again, I asked her to take me to the exit door,  she gladly agreed.

My day locked in a twelve- year-old’s body ended with not too much trouble, it could have been worse had I not met the cleaning lady!


365 Writing Prompts: Name that…you

Do you know the meaning of your name,and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you ? What about your children’s names?

My name is “CHAMAN,” it means a garden. When I think of a garden it gives me a feeling of complete joy.There are flowers, birds, insects, trees and oh so many more things.

The environment of the garden is peaceful, joyous, children playing ‘hide and seek,’ Mom resting and watching her pride and joy having a wonderful time.

My parents chose my name  immediately after I was born, I guess they consulted their friends and thought the name they chose was appropriate for the way I looked as a baby.

Garden reminds me of happiness,having a good time, pretty and so on. I was a happy child, I loved playing with my siblings and friends. I am happy and I love playing, this  means the name suits me.