365 Writing Prompts: I am a rock

Is it easy for you to ask for help when you need it ,or do you prefer to rely only on yourself?

It is easy for me to ask for help from people I know.I try to do it myself first if after struggling for a while I’m unable to do the task I think I can do, I ask for help.

Once I tried hard to open a jar of peanut butter, I kept trying but could not. I went to my next door neighbor to see if she could help. She tried and was not successful, it made me feel better, she let her sister who was visiting try, the sister opened it easily. I thought my neighbor and I loosened it which is why the sister was able to do it without trouble.

There are tasks I find difficult to do, such as mowing the lawn and snow shoveling, I let the professionals take care of it.


6 thoughts on “365 Writing Prompts: I am a rock

    • Noah you cannot be shy when you really need help.I have asked neighbors whom I never
      knew for help when my car was stuck at the end of my driveway, because of snow, they were
      glad to help me out. Try it, you’ll be surprised how helpful people are.

  1. I bet that opening of the jar made you closer as neighbors – something to always remember and smile about.
    We recently had a tree branch fall and it blocked the road. My girls and I tried to move it but it was unsafe. A neighbor saw us an offered to help. It was a 4 person job!

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. So much in life depends on our self-effort. And then some things just seem to come to us.

    All good wishes,


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