DP Daily Prompts: Brevity Pulls

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“I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have time.” Blaise Pascal(did Pascal mean a longer letter?)

Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

Sometimes I have nothing to say when I’m writing a letter, so I begin by writing how are you? And end by regards,there are a few reasons for being this brief :a) I’m not thrilled to write to this person; b) I don’t want this person to have any weapon against me, if I write too much my inner feeling may be exposed; c) my fingers don’t want the trouble of writing.

Also when I’m sitting in an exam hall and the questions before me needs short and to the point answers if I don’t  I have the danger of losing points for beating around the bush.

This is where I choose brevity.

When I choose verbosity, it is because I like this person so I won’t hesitate to write from kittens to what I had for dinner and who we entertained. When I’m finished I’m amazed to see how long it is, the other party has to be interested before I write that much.

In conclusion I’d say I am in the middle,because everything depends on who the letter is addressed to.

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