DP Daily Prompts: Big Day Ahead

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It’s the night before an important event: a big exam, a major presentation, your wedding. How do you calm your nerves in preparation for the big day?

Of all the choices above I’m inclined to write about the big exam. When I was fifteen my big exam was the school final, we had moved from Rawalpindi to Comilla. Comilla is in Bangladesh, the teaching system was entirely different from what I was used to, the medium of instruction in the local schools was Bengali. I went to a school where it was English, I couldn’t register in the local school.

I prepared for the final exam at home, my brother hired a tutor for me, I didn’t feel comfortable, so I opted to study independently.

I was never the studious type, I was not fully prepared for the exam, I was not nervous at all before the exam, I calmly sat in my seat and waited for the invigilator to distribute the question paper. When I got mine I read all the questions and picked the ones I thought was not too difficult. I passed the exam.

Passing the exam while having a  completely different syllabus of studies  from what I did before gave me the confidence I needed to continue my studies.

After this I spent a few more years studying, by then I knew the higher I went the more complex the exams will be, I kept up the habit of studying a few weeks before the exam, I did not trip up I sailed on smoothly.

It was when I hit post graduate studies I realized I’d have to be serious from day one which I managed without any problem.

The fact that I used the least possible time studying before I got to post graduate degree, all that energy I saved up year after year came in handy, I was ready to do well and believe it or not the profs. thought I was a good student.In my very Big exam I did very well, I didn’t need to calm my nerves, I was confident I will pass and it happened!


365 Writing Prompts: The clothes that(make) (wo) man

How important are clothes for you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Clothes are I am sure important to everyone, and to me as well. I have my own style, whether it is acceptable or not I am happy with it.

I wear different outfits as the circumstances demand. I wear my native clothes when I visit people who are from my original home, I wear a sari, so I won’t look strange in their company.

When I go for grocery shopping I wear trousers and top to avoid being stared at. Now a days it’s not too bad with travels in various places people are used to seeing different types of attire worn by travelers, so they do not find it as shocking as before.

When I applied for a teaching position,one of the questions I was asked was whether I’d wear a sari to work,when I gave him a surprised look he immediately said: “Do not misunderstand me your dress is gorgeous I was thinking about the students what will be their reaction.”

I did not want someone to criticize me  about my clothes indirectly, I went to the principal the next day and told him I did not want the job.

Six months after that incident the superintendent of a school board interviewed me and offered me a position to teach grade four kids, I accepted the job, I wore my sari to school the first day and all the years I taught, the kids were fascinated with my dress, they were not narrow minded like the adult.

I also wear Shalwar Kamiz when I go to a party hosted by Pakistanis.

I do not have a particular style, I dress differently depending on where I’m going.

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