365 Writing Prompts: Honorific

October 16th is officially declared “Person X Day”–  and you get to pick Person X . tell us someone who deserves to be commemorated.

I went to Montreal on the 6th of October, I came back last evening. When I read the prompt “Honorific,” it took me by surprise, I am thinking now was there anyone during my recent travel I found deserved the title of “Person X,” I’m glad there is one who deserves it more than anyone else.

He works for “Air Canada,” he was extremely pleasant with  all the passengers on our flight. He helped the passengers with the placement of their handbags, serving tea,coffee, juice etc., I’ve traveled a few times but I’m yet to find someone who loves his job so much, without hesitation, I’m happy to pick him as, “Person X!”



DP Daily Prompts: Unequal Terms

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Did you know today is Blog action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you encountered it in your daily life?

The dictionary defines “Inequality” as lack of equality between persons or things.There are many others, but I’d like to write a post on inequality between persons.

Back from the stone age to now, the world has undergone a huge change,everything has improved the way we live , our speech, education, inventions, the way we dress.

What didn’t seem to change is our perception of dealing with people, we are holding on to the age old tradition of treating people differently according to where they’re from.

If a certain person is from a developing country they surely lack in education knowledge as compared to those  from developing countries. Who made this distinction, well it’s passed from generation to generation,this is a stark example of inequality.

I happen to be from a part of the world called a  developing country, who coined this word and why, is difficult to decipher, it used to be ‘under developed’ it’s a term not used anymore but is replaced by developing because people have realized it’s not politically correct, how long it will continue to be called  that, is hard to guess, but this much is certain, this term has already divided us, we are not in their league.

This kind of inequality will remain I think because it makes the developed countries superior in comparison.

Have I encountered this in my daily life,yes I have!