DP Daily Prompt: Fourth Wall

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You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie . Tell us which one it is— and what happens to you while you’re there?

My favorite movie is : My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn.

It was all about pronunciation of the English language, because I was in London to do a course in , “Teaching English as a foreign language, I thought the movie, “My Fair Lady” would be perfect to watch as it dealt with the pronunciation of the English language.

With this thought I went to watch the movie, I was amazed to know it was what I wanted, how the prof tried to teach the flower girl speak English properly.

I was thoroughly enjoying it, the prof was doing a brilliant job, I thought how wonderful it’d be if I was in it , I could watch them first hand, imagination is a wonderful thing ,I did just that put myself in the part of the movie where ¬†learning of proper way of pronouncing the words was going on.

I was there trying to pronounce the words in my mind, I couldn’t understand why Eliza was having such a difficult time pronouncing : Rain, Spain, Plane? I realized after a while when one is used to speaking a language a certain way it is not easy to change one’s pronunciation.

Here is the clip where Eliza finally pronounced the words properly, while the professor his friend and Eliza were celebrating the accomplishment, I was watching their reaction and wondered why it took so long.

Sorry this is where Eliza finally speaks properly.

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