6 thoughts on “Tagore song:prem (Love) posted and translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful, translated lines. It communicates to me that love is so very subtle.

    All good wishes,


      • This one was short, there were repetitions which I left out after I translated the first one.
        As long as I took care of the lyrics I felt okay.
        It did not have too many complicated words, if I tried to translate every single word, you are right
        the meaning would be lost.I wonder what Tagore would think of my translation?

  2. These are lovely words and ties in with what I have been thinking about love today. In my cynical mood, I see love in this poem as not really existing at all, for the narrator couldn’t feel it after all, and what is love if it is not expressed? It is surely ONLY a feeling, not something that can be chased after, when it is no longer there. Mad and brilliant.

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