365 Writing Prompts: No you see me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower?Tell us a story.

I know I have a secret superpower, I can appear and disappear whenever I want to. I wasn’t sure how I’d use this power.

I was curious to know how this power of mine can be useful, keeping this in mind I went to a drug store to get some face cream for me. While checking the different brands, I noticed two little boys in front of the shelf of chocolates, are they trying to steal some was the thought that struck me?

Immediately I used my power of disappear and landed close to them, I overheard the boys  telling each other, “you let me know when someone’s coming,so I can pick a couple of these delicious chocolates and put them in my pocket, we will share them when we’re out.”

It was time for me to appear in front of the boys before they stole the chocolates, Hi I said, aren’t these chocolates delicious, will you buy some?

No one of them said and both turned around to leave, I knew they were disappointed but I felt relieved I stopped them from stealing, as they were about to leave I talked to them about chocolates and told them the dark chocolates were good for health, the boys were happy to let me know which ones they liked and dark ones were too bitter they didn’t like them.

I volunteered to buy some dark and some milk chocolates, we will taste them and find out which ones were delicious and the ones not so good. I bought a mixture of chocolates and invited them to sit on the nearby bench and taste them. The boys were delighted they’d be able to eat some chocolates and discuss which ones were  tastier.

I let the boys taste most of the chocolates, I only broke two small pieces to taste, it was not really about the taste it was me trying to be friendly with the boys.

When the the chocolates were eaten and we gave our verdict about which ones were tastier I stood up to leave, one of them said, ” thank you so much for letting us eat the chocolates, we were craving for chocolates today,we wanted to steal some, we are so glad you showed up you stopped us from stealing.”

I gave each a hug and told them I was proud of them!

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DP Daily Prompt: An Extreme Tale

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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities.

When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

We were a happy family, Mom and Dad and us the brothers and sisters. We went to the best school in the city, we lived in a twelve room house, it was rented we didn’t own it. Our kitchen was not in the main house.

We had a beautiful garden in front of our house, there were three Eucalyptus trees right in front.

Life was good we ate delicious food cooked by our mom, we played, we roamed around near our house to find out who were our neighbors.

My mom loved pets we had pigeons, roosters, hens, ducks, rabbits and two cows, the cows were there for milk.

We had nothing to complain everything was running smooth.

Then it happened what we never dreamed of, our Dad died, I was only twelve. Things went from bad to worse, mom announced we’ll have to leave our favorite city and move to her home in Bangladesh.

At my age at that time I did not understand what all this meant. Within six months our things were packed what we couldn’t take were left behind.

We took a flight from Lahore to Dhaka, then from the airport we went to  our uncle’s house and stayed there for a few days.

After a few days we went to our grandpa’s village home, our grandparents were not alive but our uncle and aunt lived in the house.

A year later we moved to a house my elder brother bought in Comilla, Bangladesh. It was a small house compared to the one we left in Rawalpindi.

We all felt the absence of our Dad, we realized there will be no one buying pastries from the vendor for us, besides in this town there were no vendors selling pastries, there were vendors who sold vegetables, meat and fish only.

I could not take admission in a school, because the medium of instruction was Bengali,  I had always studied in an English school, they had one school where the medium of instruction was English it only had  up to grade six. I was in a higher grade therefore I studied home and decided to prepare for high school exam privately.

My Dad left a fair amount of money, it was sufficient for us, my eldest brother convinced my mother to let him start a business. He had no experience, yet my mom thought he’d do well.

In one year my brother lost all the money my Dad saved for us, we were in a dire situation, fortunately two of my older brothers were working they helped us through this hardship.

My mother was heartbroken she never faced such a terrible situation in her life. She was a very pious lady which must have helped our family.

It took us a long time to change our fate, we did not give up. It taught us one thing, that  life has its ups and downs, only the braves survive,we accomplished our goals each one of us, now we look back and tell ourselves we survived because of our mother, she reminded us daily, we must be strong willed or else we won’t make it.

Here I am narrating about our pleasures,pain, struggles and how we stuck to each other till we were self-sufficient!