DP Daily Prompt: Gut Feeling

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When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up  being the right call ?

About three years ago, I read two lines written by a poet in Urdu, out of curiosity I searched on the internet to find out about this particular poet, luckily I found out why he wrote those lines, which led to another surprise I discovered a gentleman was offering online courses to study about him.

Instinctively I decided to take these courses, I was helped by the facilitator who registered me, I was delighted, I was a bit concerned in the beginning,but it turned out to be a fascinating subject to learn, I also have something to do in my free time. I’m continuing to do these courses, I must say I enjoy every moment of it!

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365 Writing Prompts: Fifteen Minutes

You have fifteen minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio—choose your format). What would you say?

I think I’ll use TV to address the whole world, it’s a medium where I’m sure more people will watch and listen.

To the organizers a big thank you.

Since I have fifteen minutes to let the whole world know my message : here it goes, Hello World , thank you for turning on your TV sets, I have a very important message for every man,woman and child,my message is simple.

We are at a stage when we are facing global warming, we did not pay attention when we were first informed . We now have to do our part to save the world we live in we are indebted to our children grandchildren and humanity  to turn this terrible news into something favorable. I’m not asking for too much all I need for us to do   is to cooperate,and   avoid further damage to our planet.

Recycle everything recyclable, stop cutting down the trees, instead plant trees wherever possible.

Use carpools so that there are less vehicles on the road or use public transportation  such as the bus or subway where applicable.

There a lot of things besides what I have mentioned, I’m hoping my other respected speakers will share some of their concerns.

Thank you for listening goodbye!

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Tagore song; ke jabi tora pare ogo ke posted and translated by Ranu

Who will go to the other side of the river,

I am waiting on the shore with my boat.

On the other side there is a garden,

They play all kinds of games.

On this side there is an endless

stretch of desert.

Who will go to the other side,

I am waiting on the shore with my boat.

It is daytime now, come who wants to go,

Why are you wasting time thinking?

The sun will set, the tail wind will stop blowing,

The boatman will anchor his boat,

In the evening.

Who will go to the other side of the river?




Five sentence fiction: Trust

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far away near the mountains of the Himalaya there lived a sage,he spent his day, working hard for those who were poor and down-trodden, most of the people around that area came to visit him daily, for he was someone they could rely on.

One morning fifteen year old Samia went to visit him, she had heard so much about him, she made up her mind to ask him a few questions.

She found the sage sitting on a mattress with his eyes closed whispering to himself, she gently knocked his door and asked to come in, the sage opened his eyes, seeing a young girl at his doorstep surprised him, he smiled and said, “yes you can come in, what brings you here?”

Suddenly Samia felt scared, she wanted to see him but didn’t know what she could ask him, she had to say something anything now that she was there, she couldn’t stay quiet, it would look terrible, she hesitatingly asked him, “Sir what motivates you to be so kind?”

The sage looked up, he was almost spellbound, he looked at her again, “my child he said, I have seen so much misery around me, I feel if I can do something for anyone here I must, God is great, He sent us here for a short time we all are expected to be kind and helpful, He trusts us to help our fellow human being, I am trying to do my part in this world!”