Five sentence fiction: Trust

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far away near the mountains of the Himalaya there lived a sage,he spent his day, working hard for those who were poor and down-trodden, most of the people around that area came to visit him daily, for he was someone they could rely on.

One morning fifteen year old Samia went to visit him, she had heard so much about him, she made up her mind to ask him a few questions.

She found the sage sitting on a mattress with his eyes closed whispering to himself, she gently knocked his door and asked to come in, the sage opened his eyes, seeing a young girl at his doorstep surprised him, he smiled and said, “yes you can come in, what brings you here?”

Suddenly Samia felt scared, she wanted to see him but didn’t know what she could ask him, she had to say something anything now that she was there, she couldn’t stay quiet, it would look terrible, she hesitatingly asked him, “Sir what motivates you to be so kind?”

The sage looked up, he was almost spellbound, he looked at her again, “my child he said, I have seen so much misery around me, I feel if I can do something for anyone here I must, God is great, He sent us here for a short time we all are expected to be kind and helpful, He trusts us to help our fellow human being, I am trying to do my part in this world!”


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