365b Writing Prompts: Out of your reach

Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child , during the holidays or on your birthday but never received? Tell us about it.

I always asked for very simple things, my parents always fulfilled my wish. I recall once I saw some of our neighborhood kids playing with a tennis ball. I don’t know why I thought I must have one too.

In the evening when my Dad returned from work, he was hardly inside the door of our house, I stopped him and asked him if I could have a tennis ball, he immediately turned around and bought four tennis balls, one each for my other siblings and me.

Now when I think of that day, I wonder why I didn’t wait to ask my Dad later, he must have been tired, or hungry.


2 thoughts on “365b Writing Prompts: Out of your reach

    • Yes, Robert, I love writing about him,whenever I get a chance.
      I told my husband once, please never say no to the kids if they ask for something,
      it leaves a lasting impression on their mind. Then I gave the example of my father.
      Thank you for your comment Robert.

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