DP Daily Prompts: All or Nothing?

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“Perhaps if we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”—-Sylvia Plath

In my estimation, a human being by nature wants a place of his/ her own, next thing is  someone to share it  with and child/ children to raise. When these things are accomplished the other material things are desired because of necessity.

Things I consider important to run a house smoothly are 1. A stove, 2. A refrigerator, 3. pots and pans, 4. dishes, 5. glasses, 6. cups or mugs.

A dishwasher is an appliance one can do without, it though is convenient to have especially when we have company.

When we successfully acquire all the above things, what more can anyone want, we need food and drink to survive, they are life saving things. Tea and coffee to me is optional, we won’t die if we decide not to drink them.

I hope Sylvia Plath when she said, “Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” She did not mean the most important things to live.

Right now there are a variety of things for sale, each store is competing to make more money, they are slashing prices to tempt the consumers. Each store window has a large sale sign of products on sale, it attracts our attention, we go in and find things that look so awesome we are trying not to get tempted, to be successful we step out of one store and go to another, we find this one has more things on sale which is irresistible, we check our wallet, there is not enough, but we have that faithful card which beckons us to use it.

We think for a moment and realize yes we can use the card but we’ll have to pay for the things we buy at the end of the month, we think some more about our savings, no we cannot afford it we tell ourselves, quietly we come out and say, “I don’t think I want anything.”

It really is true some of the things we buy are not necessary!

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365 Writing Prompts: Unexpected

Unexpectedly you lose your job( or a loved one, or something or someone important to you.) What do you do next?

If I lose my job unexpectedly, I’ll look for another job in town if I’m unable to find one I might move to another city.

Since I live in a smaller city,there is only a few vacancies, I’d have no choice but to look elsewhere. I can only look for teaching jobs,  yes there are jobs if I want to be a substitute teacher. It is not something I’d like to do, besides the regular teacher has to be sick for a job opening, also it  only depends on  who the Principal decides to call to teach that particular day.

The only other option for me is  to go back to school and register in a cooking school to become a chef. It does not sound very appealing to me, I’d have to study for how long I’m not sure, then after spending my savings what if I fail to get a decent paying job.

There is another possibility I may opt to sit at home and draw unemployment insurance, it would give me time to do some planning.

You know what losing one’s job is not a very good thing, I hope I won’t lose mine!

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