DP Daily Prompts: Tight Corner

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Have you ever managed to paint yourself into the proverbial corner because of your words?What did you do while waiting for them  “to dry”?

I’ve had those moments when I say something and never care to remember and am very quick to blame the other person, this is how I try to get out of tight corners.

Then my conscience kicks in and I apologize till the said person is sick of hearing it, but so far my fabulous friend did not complain, I’m sure it will happen one day, I probably will have no answer but to agree I am a terrible person!


365 Writing Prompts:Moment of clarity

Tell us about a time you’ve been trying to solve a knotty problem, a life problem, a big problem— and you had a moment of clarity when the solution appeared to you, as though you were struck by lightning.

One year I went to Toronto to see my cousin, one of my college friend found out I was in Toronto,she came to visit me in my cousin’s apartment. We had a nice visit it was fun talking about our college days.

Next day she called me and said she’d be coming to take me to her house, she lived in the suburbs.

Marcia wanted me to see her house, it was a two storied house, I noticed she was describing her house as if I was a buyer. I looked around the thought of buying her house did not strike me. I quietly listened to her and when it was time to leave I thanked Marcia and her husband for being so nice.

Next day Marcia called me again to visit her, I excused myself because I was leaving the next day.

I called her from my home, her husband answered the phone and told me his wife was too sick to answer the phone, I didn’t think anything and felt she is sick, maybe she’ll call me back when she’s better. When Marcia failed to call me and also did not send me a Christmas card,I thought about her house, how eager she was to show me her backyard, the bedrooms in the house, she also told me how good the neighbors were. Something clicked in my brain,maybe her intention was to sell the house to me, because I stayed quiet she suspected I won’t  buy her house.

It became clear Marcia’s eagerness to have me in her house was to somehow impress me to buy her house, when it didn’t happen, it was no longer useful to maintain her friendship with me!