DP Daily Prompts: Tight Corner

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Have you ever managed to paint yourself into the proverbial corner because of your words?What did you do while waiting for them  “to dry”?

I’ve had those moments when I say something and never care to remember and am very quick to blame the other person, this is how I try to get out of tight corners.

Then my conscience kicks in and I apologize till the said person is sick of hearing it, but so far my fabulous friend did not complain, I’m sure it will happen one day, I probably will have no answer but to agree I am a terrible person!


8 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompts: Tight Corner

  1. Thanks for writing this interesting post but I think that we all shall agree that you are not a terrible person 🙂 Your friends must be proud to have a friend like you.

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