DP Daily Prompts: All Grown Up

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When was the first time you felt like a grown up (if ever) ?

Although I am not quite feeling like a grown up right now because of the excruciating back pain, when it finally relieves me I might be able to answer the question.

Having said that I remember my older sister did not waste any time telling me I was good for nothing I will not finish high school. I was fourteen, she was twenty-one, I looked right up at her and said, “you know what, you are boasting because you have a master’s degree and I do not, someday I’ll also get one too,I’ll show you I am smarter than You.”

She was speechless, and angry , she turned around and left, after this episode she did not repeat the words, “I was good for nothing.”

Do you readers think I was a grown up at age fourteen?

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