DP Daily Prompts: All Grown Up

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When was the first time you felt like a grown up (if ever) ?

Although I am not quite feeling like a grown up right now because of the excruciating back pain, when it finally relieves me I might be able to answer the question.

Having said that I remember my older sister did not waste any time telling me I was good for nothing I will not finish high school. I was fourteen, she was twenty-one, I looked right up at her and said, “you know what, you are boasting because you have a master’s degree and I do not, someday I’ll also get one too,I’ll show you I am smarter than You.”

She was speechless, and angry , she turned around and left, after this episode she did not repeat the words, “I was good for nothing.”

Do you readers think I was a grown up at age fourteen?

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8 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompts: All Grown Up

  1. First of all, so sorry to hear about your back pain. I do hope you will get relief soon.

    Sometimes when people put you down and more so when they are older than you, it takes great courage and maturity to answer them firmly but respectfully. You definitely were grown up!

    • Thank you Sonya,she once reminded me remember, “you told me?” she said.
      How could I not? I answered.
      Thank you, my back is so painful,I still tried to do the prompt, I know it’s brief.

  2. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post.

    Being “grown up” is a very relative term, meaning different things, to different people, in different societies. In some societies in the Amazon, for instance, it is common for children as young as 12 years old to responsibly navigate a boat down a river by themselves.

    Could the typical American 12 year old do this? No, they could not. Indeed, I know 20 year olds who could not do this.

    It’s good, at any age, to have others to whom we may look up and emulate.

    All good wishes,


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