Tagore song: songshar jaubeysong by hemant posted and translated by ranu

When worldly concerns  win over my  mind

When the heart does not awaken

Even then ,Oh Lord I  will worship you

I  will sit and sing your song.

Supreme spirit forgive me for my

indifferent mind’s useless gift

My preparation to worship you

lacks flowers

There is no melody in my devotion.

When worldly concerns  win over my mind,

When the heart does not awaken,

I call your name with parched throat

I wish my utmost that my deep love

for you will bring tears

in my mind

once soon you will on your own

fill my mind with  sweetness

on this hope I bestow my

empty heart on your feet.

When worldly concerns

win over my mind

when the heart does not awaken

Even then I will  worship you

And will  sing your song!



DP Daily Prompts: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear…. and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy.

Pain I felt for the last few days, I never knew what can top it, I suppose happiness can.

Happiness is a commodity if I can call it that everyone strives to achieve, how many are successful I have no idea, I only see glum faces around me.

Sometimes I think why is it so difficult to be happy, maybe those words that I learned is true: “Man can be happy to some extent but cannot attain perfect happiness.”

When was the last time I can say I was happy Happy?

I received a letter from my prof. that I have passed the, “Master’s degree exam.”

I was away from home studying B.Ed. I was very very happy but sadly I was far away from home and could not tell my Mom and siblings immediately. I wrote a letter which they got after a month. I could send a telegram which they could receive sooner, but the receipt of a telegram frightens those who receive it so it was not really a good idea.

This morning I was more than happy to get mail from my brother!

Happy New Year Everyone(2015)! 🙂


365 Writing Prompts: A brand new you, effective tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year. Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? I you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

I think I am happy with who I am, also my friends and relatives are quite contented with me, any kind of change would not be agreeable to them or me. After all I am doing just fine, why try to become someone I’m not.

To borrow my father’s words, “I do not want you to be upstarts, stay grounded, be proud of who you are and last but not least be proud to know your mother tongue, regardless of where you live.”

A new me will want new friends, new place to leave, new wardrobe, new vehicle, there’ll be so many unnecessary things I’ll have to accumulate and discard what I have already.

Above all I will have to have a new mind, it took me eons to develop this one.

I agree with Sir Edward Dyer(1543–1607):

My mind to me a kingdom is;

Such perfect joy therein I find

That it excels all other bliss

Which God or nature hath assign’d.

Though much I want that most would have,

Yet still my mind forbids to crave.


I press to bear no haughty sway,

I wish no more than may suffice,

I do no more than well I may,

Look, what I want my mind supplies.

Lo, thus I triumph like a king,

My mind content with anything.


My wealth is health and perfect ease,

And conscience clear my chief defence,

I never seek by bribes to please.

Nor by desert to to give offence.

Thus will I live, thus will I die,–

Would all did so as well as I!

Happy new year 2015 everyone, God bless us all!

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