DP Daily Prompt: Play list of the week

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Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, so I have the following songs that describes what kind of week I had.

First one is John Lennon’s song.

1. Imagine

2. Winter Wonderland

3. Tagore song

4. Tagore song in Hindi,English, and Bengali

5. What a Wonderful World


DP Daily Prompts: Burnt

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Remember this prompt, when your house was on fire and you got to  save five items?That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken,but had to leave behind?

My goal was to save my life, picking five important items did not cross my mind, it was a serious situation, I had to run for the door before the fire reached that part of the house.

Now that I am in the shelter I’m grateful to God I managed to escape. I look at it this way, the things I left behind was the price I paid to save my life I will not feel sorry for them. Maybe some day I’ll be able to buy some of the things, only the ones that are important.

I feel much better I chose to save myself!



Fiction: Bedtime

Lillie McFerrin Writes

“I am so sleepy I wish I had a bed to lie on,” cried Amelie!

Amelie’s mom did not understand why her daughter wanted a bed to go to sleep, ever since she was born only place she knew was the floor and a torn sheet where her mother always laid her, then she noticed a piece of paper with the picture of a bed, where did Amelie find this she wondered?

When she asked her daughter why she talked about lying on a bed, her daughter told her she has a friend, her name is Julie and that Julie gave her the picture of a bed.

Next morning Amelie brought her friend Julie to their little hut, Julie loved it, she thought it was the most beautiful home she saw, “this place is so pretty,” she said.

“It’s not as pretty as your home, said Amelie, you get to sleep on a bed at bedtime!



“A nation must think of its neighbors before it thinks of itself.” posted by Ranu

This morning while reading a novel written by Ayn Rand , I stumbled on these lines:

“A nation must think of its neighbors before it thinks of itself.”

These words suddenly woke me up, I thought how wonderful this thought is, but can this be possible, has there been any evidence that this is the way nations think?

I’m not thinking from a political standpoint but as a human, who is tormented to witness all the atrocities committed by stronger nations against their weaker neighbors. As I happen to belong to one of the weaker nations, I tend to think why is there no justice in this world?

When the universe was created, did the creator ever think what sort of a place it would be? Perhaps not or else some restrictions would be placed on humans: such as  stop taking  land belonging to weaker nations, I think the consequence has to be mentioned as well.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/a-nation-must-…posted-by-ranu


DP Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

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Your home is on fire,Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

I am always scared when I read the news someone’s house burnt down. God forbid if such a thing really happens, I’m not sure I’d have enough sense to grab something anything, these are unusual circumstances, all I can think of is I’d  get out of the house as fast as I can.



DP Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer


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Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

USIBEAP: it’s a mixture of  languages spoken by people from Iran, Bengal, Punjab, Arabia, and Spain and Uttar Pradesh(India).

The letter U stands for Urdu : Aapka naam kia hai? What is your name? It’s a language spoken in Uttar Pradesh(India).

S represents Spain: Language is Espanol:Como se llama Usted? What is your name?Me llamo Ranu, my name is Ranu.

I for Iran: Language is Farsi: agar firdaus bar roo e jannat toh  hami ast , toh hami ast. If there is a  paradise on earth it’s here,it’s here.( these words were spoken by a poet, when he first visited Kashmir).

B is for Bengali: language spoken in east and west Bengal: Aami ki korbo? What will I do?

E represents all the English speaking countries, e.g., I wish this prompt was not so complicated!

A is for Arabic: The language of the Quran, Insha Allah: God willing.

P is for Punjab: Language spoken in East and West Punjab: Tussi kitthe jaanday o: Where are you going?


Auld Lang Syne and Tagore’s song: Purano shei…posted by Ranu

Auld Lang Syne and Tagore song Purano shei diner kautha. Tagore used the music of Auld Lang Syne in his Bengali song.

Purano shei diner kautha (Bengali lyrics) translated by Ranu.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!

All the time we spent having heart- to- heart discussion

Dear friend come one more time

So we can have those heart- to- heart discussion again

To console our mind.

Recall  the time we plucked flowers

In the early morning

And swinging in the hammock

We played the flute

And sang songs under

the flower tree.

There was a time we were separated

And went our separate ways

Now that we meet again,

let us have our heart- to- heart talk

in memory of the old days.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/auld-lang-syne…posted-by-ranu

DP Daily Prompts: Embrace the Ick

Think of something truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms.Now write a glowing puff piece about its merits.

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Ambergris: there is nothing ickier than this stuff, whale vomit or poop, none of the names is less repulsive. Its growth is spurred by irritation created by indigestible elements eaten by the whale such as beaks of cuttle fish. Sometimes the whale dies before the condition can remedy itself, usually raw ambergris is expelled as a stinking fecal mass.

It smells like cow-dung. When dead whales up wash up on shore, scientists find squid beaks lodged in the stomach of whales, these fatty indigestible is made by the whales intestines to trap them and give them a smooth ride out of the whale. Ambergris is not food for anything. It’s soft when its excreted first after years in the salt water the cow-dung smell transforms into a smooth ,rich odor.Its molecules associates well with fats and form attachments to the scents that are put in perfume. The ambergris provides its own smell , its heavy particles anchor the scents in a perfume, which prevents the perfume from fading too soon.

Who would have thought that ambergris the lumps of poop or vomit excreted by certain whales would make room in some of the expensive perfumes we use.

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/dp-daily-promp…mbrace-the-ick/

Image from wikipedia

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DP Daily Prompts: Free Association

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Write down the first words that comes  to mind

when we say…

home— abandoned

soil— rocky

rain… damaged

Abandoned home, rocky soil,rain damaged

Raymond saw an ad in the newspaper of a home on sale, the government took over the property as the owners never came forward to claim it.

He called the office of the real estate, the price they quoted was too attractive for him to ignore it. He made an appointment to have a look, he went alone to see it, what he saw did not please him. He sat on the grounds wondering how he could improve the look of this house, he agreed there was a lot he’d have to do to make it fit for his family.

He discussed with his wife about buying the property when he described the house, Melinda was against buying it. Raymond felt he wanted to buy the property because of the land. He could not imagine buying a piece of land so cheap anywhere in the city.

The words abandoned home,rocky soil, rain damaged made Melinda furious, she could not understand why her husband wanted to buy a piece of property which had nothing positive about it.

Raymond made up his mind to buy the property with or without his wife’s consent. He saved enough money to enable him to make this purchase. He consulted his lawyer and the two got in touch with  the company.

Within a week Raymond became the owner of this home. None of his friends liked it, they called it ‘a piece of junk’ Raymond did not care, he hired an architect to design a house on the property, soon contractors were employed to demolish the present house and build a new one.

Work was going on full swing, Melinda knew nothing about it, one day she asked, “Raymond is that property sold?”

“Oh yes he said I bought it.”

This announcement caused a lot of tension in the house, Melinda was so upset she went to her parents house for a few days with their two kids, Jeremy and Janice, they were only five and had no idea why they were going to their grandparents without Dad.Melinda made an excuse, that Dad could not come because he had too much work to do.

Months passed Melinda made no attempt to go back home. Meanwhile the kids were missing their toys, books and their favorite bedroom.

While Jeremy stayed quiet Janice thought she should ask mom, when will they go home. What mom told her terrified her.

This news affected the little girl so much she became ill, she stopped eating and lay in bed crying day after day. She was losing weight and soon she was too weak to get out of bed. Her grandparents were concerned they called their family physician to check their grand daughter. When this was happening, Raymond’s home was ready for occupancy.

The physician’s diagnosis scared Melinda, she sat by her daughter and promised she’d take them home soon. Surprisingly the word home completely changed Janice’s complexion, she looked radiant, happy and started talking to everyone in the house, she ate more than she ever did. The change in her daughter made Melinda realize she was wrong to separate the children from their father.

Within a week Janice was well enough to travel, Melinda packed up her things and went home with her two children.

Raymond was so busy with his work he couldn’t even tell how long he had not seen his family. When he saw them coming up the steps he ran to greet them, Janice ran over and said, “Dad I missed you.”

Melinda apologized for her behavior and asked “what happened to that property you bought?”

“Well he said it’s a surprise, let’s go and see that Abandoned home, with rocky soil around it and the rain damaged property.”

Raymond took them to their new house, it looked so beautiful “Wow they all said in unison, this is a gorgeous place!”