Five sentence fiction: Fresh

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was a fabulous morning, not a cloud in the sky,everywhere she turned she saw beautiful green shrubs and grass, the flowers were in full bloom, showing their assortment of colors, how could she Nina stay inside the house, she dressed up in her gorgeous blue satin dress, but as she was about to step outside the door, she thought of her friend Penny, I must give her a call she thought.

She went back and called Penny, Penny was busy reading her newest novel, She answered the call and found Nina at the other end inviting her to go for a walk, her immediate reaction was to refuse, but she couldn’t, Nina was always a  good friend, she did not like disappointing her. She got ready and headed over to Nina’s house, she found Nina all dressed up, “What’s the occasion,” she exclaimed !

“Nothing silly, I got this new dress yesterday and wanted to wear it, besides it’s a lovely day, everything looks so gorgeous, do you like my dress she asked?

“Yes, I love it, you look beautiful,Nina!

They had not gone too far when suddenly a raven perched on the light post above, cawed and then the worst thing happened, it’s dropping fell right on Nina’s head and her dress, it was awful, she ran back to her house and started weeping!

WP Writing Challenge: Ice,Water,Steam

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H 20 .What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms.

Ice,Water and steam:what it means to be the same thing in different forms.

I’ll start with “Ice” : It is useful in many ways, it helps to cool our drink on a hot day.It is a way to preserve food and keep them from spoiling, it also plays a part in some health adages such as chewing ice suggests you have some kind of nutritional deficiency which may be true.

Ice is also essential in hockey,i.e ice  hockey , during the winter there are numerous ice rinks where sports enthusiasts either practice their skating skills to get them fit for important games, or just skate for pleasure.

Ice skating is another sport where the skater learns to do jumps, double triple or quadruple to do well in competitions.

The second form according to my list is,”Water” : It is one of the most natural resources for all kinds of living things, it determines where people can live and also their quality of life.Despite the fact there is plenty of water on Earth, it is not always available when and where it’s needed.One must consider water as a finite resource which has limits and boundaries to its availability and suitability for use.

The next form is steam: Since fuel is consumed to heat water that becomes steam, the gas is valuable, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Steaming is a great way to prepare vegetables, it is healthy because we do not need oil or any kind of fat to cook it. Unlike other cooking methods gentle heat helps vegetables keep more of their nutrients and flavor.…-icewatersteam/