Song by Muhammad rai:Mais zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya posted and translated by Ranu

I went along with life

accomplished what I could.

I  ignore any kind of worry

In my mind I knew to be

sorry in defeat was useless

Instead I celebrate  defeat.

Whatever I got in life

I considered it my destiny,

I erased loss from my memory

Where sadness or happiness

made no difference

I was happy  to accept it.

I went along with life

accomplished what I could

I ignore any kind of worry!…slated-by-ranu
























DP Daily Prompts: Image Search

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Image search: Pick a random word and do Google Image search on it.Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

My random word is snarl-up. The eleventh picture was a traffic jam.

While looking at it I remembered the traffic jam in Dhaka, I was going back home in my brother’s car, all around us were impatient drivers blowing their horns, some trying to go in front of the vehicle that was ahead of them.

It was a very warm day , I could smell the gasoline, the smell of trash, food, pedestrians crossing the road, there were  cattle moving along the road, it was simply chaos. I was praying that there is no accident which would further delay us.

After about forty minutes the vehicles were crawling and we knew this might be another day of frustration for us.

To make matters worse the bus drivers were screaming at the top of their lungs to let them go ahead, they didn’t care there was bumper to bumper traffic they needed to be patient.

When we finally reached our destination after two hours, I told myself I’m not going out shopping, this is it!

Wikipedia imageMoscow_traffic_congestion.JPG (2816×2112)