Fiction: Offering

Lillie McFerrin Writes


Selima’s daughter had an exam, she was concerned for she didn’t spend enough time studying.

She requested her mother to pray that she is successful, it was an important exam, if she did well, she’d have a chance to qualify for medical school.

Selima sat on the prayer rug and started praying for her daughter, she promised she’d donate some money to the local orphanage.

The results were out her daughter Neela was unsuccessful, Selima was disappointed but kept her promise of giving the gift to the Orphanage.

Neela questioned her mother about the donation, Selima said, “I’ve realized I must not make my offering as a bribe to God for something I want!


6 thoughts on “Fiction: Offering

  1. Ah well done!! This brought back memories of lighting so many candles, prayers with my mother for years so that my father would stay not realizing all alone our prayers were answered when he left…God knew what was best for us all. Your story brings up so many memories.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I wasn’t sure how to tackle this prompt.
      Then suddenly this morning I thought Oh I know what to do with it, and started writing.
      I know and completely agree with you God knew what was best for us all.

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