DP Daily Prompts: Brain Power

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Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

This morning I thought I had to use all of my brainpower to write something to use my time. I was absolutely sure I was using all 100 % of it ,the result was a dismal useless writing which I dared to submit.

If you at WordPress think  I use only 10 % of it every day or assume I do, what happens to the remaining 90%? Does it store as fat like everything else we do not use?

This morning I did need the 90% of my brain to write something worth reading.

All right I’m seriously thinking now what I’d do with the 90% of my brain if I could unlock it. I’d use it to write poetry the kind Tagore wrote, with him gone there has to be someone who should inherit his gift. I’d like to be the one.

The only problem is during Tagore’s time everything in nature was wonderful , the blue sky, the bright sun the forests full of trees, the clear as crystal rivers and oceans lakes and what have you, healthy people, fresh fruits and vegetables.

All that seems to be missing, pollution is the biggest problem, our water is impure, skies are full of smog, and variety of diseases are rampant.

Sure I’d have to write about our planet now, I’d have to give a very grim picture which no one will be interested to read.

Besides how do I know that the 90% of my brain is usable, considering our environment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, I think out of 90% maybe only 50% can be used. I’m sorry but I have to be honest.

If I could use some of it maybe I’ll try to use it to teach the inhabitants of our planet there is still time to improve the  air we breathe, water we drink,  and food we eat!


My Post: Writing

Today I waited for the daily prompt, it’s usually posted at 9.30 am Newfoundland time, the time came and went there was no prompt, I was bored , I looked for my favorite novel to see if I can find something to write about. I did not find what I was looking for, what I unearthed was the sentence below.

” Row no more,but fasten the boat to this tree,– for I love the look of this land.”

I told myself, I must stop thinking and fasten my mind to these words, if the poet loves the look of this land, who am I to refuse. I put my mind at pause and set out to see  the land which fascinated the poet so much.

Why is this land so important, I tried to concentrate and look for something anything to catch my fancy, on and on I walked nothing mesmerized me, frustrated I continued to walk , then it occurred to me I have to change my way of thinking and get used to the poet’s way.

This is a song by Tagore about his and my  motherland, it is posted and translated by Ranu.


My Motherland

Is a place of green fields,

and full of fragrant flowers,

It’s my birthplace.

Who can find a place like it?

She is my birthplace,

The queen of all lands.

Where else can you find,,

the beautiful sun, moon and stars?

The sweet song of the birds that puts me to sleep,

at night and wakes me up at daybreak.

Such a beautiful land you,

cannot find anywhere else.

She is the Queen of all lands.

The pleasing rivers, the rolling hills

and the gentle wind

that stirs the grain fields

like a ripple of waves,

this is my place of birth

She is my motherland,

the Queen of all lands!

I was born here and wish

to live here forever

And I hope this is where

I will take my last breath!