DP Daily Prompts: Pens and Pencils

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When was the last time you wrote something substantive–a letter, a story, a journal entry, etc.—by hand? Could you ever imagine to a pre–keyboard era?

Last time I used to write with my pen was yesterday, it so happens my brother is writing a book, after completing the first chapter he sent it to me to read and write my comments.

When I finished reading it the first time, I could not recall what I read, how will  I comment on something I could not remember.

When I was in college I was unable to concentrate, I tried to remedy the situation, by reading it two three times, I realized when I was reading  something my focus was  on something else, this was terrible,I told myself maybe if I write it down I’ll do better, see when I write I have to focus or else I won’t be able to write correctly.

So when brother dear gave me the task of reading and commenting,I knew I had to write it down first, then read what I wrote, sure enough I was able to comment on the chapter.

Writing by hand is great I get to practice my writing, make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and m does not look like w and vice versa.

You might be amazed to know it took me two hours to write six pages both sides, my writing looked better as I continued writing. I don’t need spell check because I learned to spell correctly in school, thanks to the nuns who taught me!

So dear brother if you’d care to know I spent two hours writing your chapter one and then wrote my comment. 🙂

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/dp-daily-promp…ns-and-pencils/

6 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompts: Pens and Pencils

  1. Thank you very much dear sister, for sharing this. I’m amused (and amazed) to see that I also have the same habit since school days: focusing on complex texts by copying them first :). Six pages both sides, and two hours, is lots of hard work! So, thanks for that too.

  2. We look forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work. I basically have terrible handwriting now. My daughters were amazed to find my handwritten notes from college, how neat and twirly my writing was!

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