Auld Lang Syne and Tagore’s song: Purano shei…posted by Ranu

Auld Lang Syne and Tagore song Purano shei diner kautha. Tagore used the music of Auld Lang Syne in his Bengali song.

Purano shei diner kautha (Bengali lyrics) translated by Ranu.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!

All the time we spent having heart- to- heart discussion

Dear friend come one more time

So we can have those heart- to- heart discussion again

To console our mind.

Recall  the time we plucked flowers

In the early morning

And swinging in the hammock

We played the flute

And sang songs under

the flower tree.

There was a time we were separated

And went our separate ways

Now that we meet again,

let us have our heart- to- heart talk

in memory of the old days.

Alas how can one forget the good old days!


DP Daily Prompts: Embrace the Ick

Think of something truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms.Now write a glowing puff piece about its merits.

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Ambergris: there is nothing ickier than this stuff, whale vomit or poop, none of the names is less repulsive. Its growth is spurred by irritation created by indigestible elements eaten by the whale such as beaks of cuttle fish. Sometimes the whale dies before the condition can remedy itself, usually raw ambergris is expelled as a stinking fecal mass.

It smells like cow-dung. When dead whales up wash up on shore, scientists find squid beaks lodged in the stomach of whales, these fatty indigestible is made by the whales intestines to trap them and give them a smooth ride out of the whale. Ambergris is not food for anything. It’s soft when its excreted first after years in the salt water the cow-dung smell transforms into a smooth ,rich odor.Its molecules associates well with fats and form attachments to the scents that are put in perfume. The ambergris provides its own smell , its heavy particles anchor the scents in a perfume, which prevents the perfume from fading too soon.

Who would have thought that ambergris the lumps of poop or vomit excreted by certain whales would make room in some of the expensive perfumes we use.


Image from wikipedia

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