365 Writing Prompts: First light

Remember yesterday, when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

Yesterday I woke up with a strange thought, I have not written the answer to the question in my online course. The more I thought about it more concerned I became.

I sat in front of my computer reading and rereading the questions, I succeeded in selecting one which was what I was required to do, I was elated I selected the question but was deflated when I realized I hardly knew what to write.

I got some books to find out some info about the subject, but Raphael the feline wouldn’t let me, he felt I must spend time with him.

I doused him several times to leave me alone, he was relentless, I was tired stressed out and put the books away, I was in need of a relaxing nap.

In the evening I did nothing I watched TV.

This morning I kept the felines out to complete my work which I did,I am feeling much better now!


2 thoughts on “365 Writing Prompts: First light

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this post. I like how you describe challenges, some of which can be made more challenging due to our sometimes demanding feline friends. We experience the same here :).

    I used to have a cat during college. His name was Bucky. He would not leave me alone so that I could do my school work. So I ended up having him sit on my lap the whole time I did my school work :-).

    I can also relate to how the course questions often leave me wondering how to answer them. Some kind of answer – even if not very good – always eventually comes to my mind. Sometimes, though, it’s as if I just can’t figure out what to share.

    All good wishes,


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