DP Daily Prompt: Just a Dream

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You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us what you find on the other side.

Last night was a bad one for me, at first I couldn’t sleep, as soon as I dozed off, I had a very scary dream, I was walking in our neighborhood, suddenly I saw a number of people in black attire chasing me, I was so afraid I began to run, I took a turn on Allendale road, I found it blocked, there were three stop signs, one of the men guarding the sign said, ‘if you want to escape choose one of these signs, as soon as you reach closer there is a door behind which will open up for you to get through.”

Fear gripped me, was this a trap I thought, what will I do, not knowing how to escape I said a prayer closed my eyes and started walking. Someone stopped me I heard him saying, “This way please.”

I saw the door on my  right open, on the other side of the door I found my teacher Sr. Rose Bernard, she smiled and said: “Chaman dear welcome we were waiting for you to join us to celebrate Evie’s birthday.”

” But I forgot to bring a gift I said.”

I woke up and found myself in bed talking gibberish!

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365 Writing Prompts: Twenty-five

There are twenty -six letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them.Want Proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it ( Feeling brave? Make it a vowel!)

Vowels: AEIOU

Once many moons ago there was a sage, there was only one man who knew of him. His name was Amir, (in Hindi the name means rich).

Amir was riding his horse when he saw a man raising his hand to stop him, this annoyed him he stopped he wanted to know why the man was so eager to end his ride.

“I am a sage he said, I can see things none can, do not go too far, danger is ahead, there are a lot of predators looking for man’s flesh,they are ready to grab anyone they see , do not make a mistake, go home. ”

Amir was obstinate , he ignored the danger and rode on, There in the distant he saw wolves,tigers , lions waiting to get a piece of him. He ordered his horse to go backward, the horse did not stop and kept going forward.

Realizing the rich man ignored his warning and was in danger the sage said some words and blew it in the windy path, a strong wind made  the horse circle the path, seeing danger ahead the horse took off. Amir was delighted the horse saved him.

He told his story to the people in the city, several wise men in the city visited the sage and invited him to come to their city. They provided a giant sized palace for him to live and teach them how to be safe!

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