Playlist of the week Hindi songs posted by Ranu for 365 Writing Prompt

The above are songs from Bollywood,Hindi songs, four out of five have subtitles, the fourth one does not have subtitles. The song is about two thieves taken by police to jail, they make most of the ride by singing a song about their journey, by treating this ride similar to going to their  in-law’s house.

Enjoy at your free time.



8 thoughts on “Playlist of the week Hindi songs posted by Ranu for 365 Writing Prompt

  1. My dear sister, thank you very much for sharing this. Both Johnny Walker and Mahmood were great comedians. I have especially been partial to Johnny Walker because there is something so disarming about his persona but I did not know much about him until now. After watching these videos, I looked him up on Wikipedia, and my respect for him increased after reading his bio. May God bless the souls of both of these.

    I enjoyed all five songs, but #3 has always been my all-time favorite, which I may have listened a few hundred times (by a modest estimate) two decades ago, but had not listened to it again since then (I think). Brings back many old memories. The coordination between the two singers and the two respective actors is simply amazing – and the voice of Geeta Dutt was most suitable for this song.

    Thank you once again. I feel that Johnny Walker has something so rejuvenating about him – almost mystical. What do you think? 🙂

    • Dear Ranu & Khurram Sir, I have enjoyed this post, this music. I re-watched and re-listened to everything last night.

      I find something captivating about Johnny Walker. I find his words, his tone, his facial expressions, all his mannerisms, so inspiring, so uplifting, so encouarging. I find this, as you point out Khurram Sir, almost mystical.

      In reading his biography on the internet, it’s evident that his intent was on purposeful comedy. He appears to have viewed comedy as a means by which good stories could be told, and not merely as a means to generate a laugh.

      I like what I’m reading about how, for him, the story came first, above all else, and how he opted out of comedy when the story became secondary, with the “star” the central point of the film. He definitely achieved “stardom” status, and could have gone along to further his success. The fact that he opted out when he saw that comedy was being used simply as a tool to generate a laugh, instead of a means by which to convey great stories, speaks a lot about his noble qualities.

      I would love to speak with this man. I bet that he had a very inspired view of how he saw his role in the world, how he viewed his purpose, and that of everyone else.

      All good wishes,


  2. I read his biography only today, so my thoughts were so much focused on him for this reason. I am glad that you like him too 🙂

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