DP Daily prompt: Pens and Pencils

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

When was the last you wrote something substantive — a letter, a story, a journal entry,etc.— by hand? Could you ever imagine returning to a pre-keyboard era?

I still use my pen to write in my book and afterwards I transfer it to my post, I find it easier this way. I think it’s better to use my hand and fingers whenever I can which can be a help for my writing.

Although I do not write letters very often, I do send cards to my friends and family  occasionally. It helps to write legibly and a  hand written note is more pleasing to the eyes. It is just my belief.

I have a lot of pens on my desk, I always use them to practice my handwriting.


6 thoughts on “DP Daily prompt: Pens and Pencils

  1. A great post. I also try to do more of my creative activity using a pen/pencil, including my journal and other things too.

    Given how much electronic stimulation people get nowadays, getting a hand-written letter is really nice, unexpected, and personal.

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