DP Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

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Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

I like Vanilla ice cream. I’m not so crazy about chocolate, once in a while I like chocolate cake.

My favorite is peanut butter cookies, although I eat other flavored cookies but peanut butter is the best for me.

Among cakes my most favorite is strawberry short cake. I used to bake a lot once but now I’ve almost stopped baking.My daughter has taken over, she loves to bake cakes, cookies. Most of the time she bakes chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies.

When I want cream cheese cake I like cream cheese with the rest of the ingredients, no chocolate.

I do not indulge in sweet stuff any more, they have too many calories and I do not like to put on too much weight.


365 Writing Prompts: Impossible

“Why sometimes I’ve believed impossible things before breakfast.” the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.What are the six impossible things you believe in( if you can manage only one or two, that’s okay.)

It’s 17th March, I looked out the window and wished the snow has disappeared, peace in the world, warm days, and happy faces.

March 17th I’m sitting in front of my computer, I am thinking, are we done with the blizzard that shut down the whole city, the driveways blocked with snow, the majestic plows, clearing the streets and blocking the end of our  driveway with heavy blocks of snow. My daughter clearing piles of snow for hours. How long are we going to deal with this scenario.

Peace in the world seems like a fairy tale, there is no end to fighting and killing, how long will Satan continue to show his evil ways?

The thought of warm days  gardening, pretty flowers, green grass feels like a dream at this moment. The snow banks are so high, I cannot imagine it will disappear any time soon. Still I hope one day I’ll wake up and hear the delightful chirping of birds, the lawn care people busy mowing the lawn and I waiting to give them the cheque for the work they’ve done.

I long to see the happy faces of children going to school with their moms wearing bright clothes, it’s one beautiful moment I miss this day!