DP Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

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Tell us a joke! knock-knock joke, long story with a punchline great zinger— all jokes are welcome!

Title : The Clever Chef

George a wealthy man met his friend Pat in a coffee house, they were delighted to see each other. George felt he hadn’t seen his friend for ages, it would be great if he invited him for supper.

With this intention he went shopping he saw a fat crane, immediately he thought, “I must buy  this to entertain my friend, I know my chef is a fabulous cook, he will bake a tasty roast.”

Malcolm the chef was busy with cooking a lavish  dinner for his master’s friend, he was singing and talking to himself, “If the dinner guest likes my cooking maybe he will put in a good word for me to the hotshots of food network.”

Suddenly there was a knock, who can it be he thought, he dislikes intruders, but he must find out.

To his dismay it was his buddy from the “Green Grocers Supermarket.”

“What brings you here, Dave he yelled?”

“Do you know Art, I was walking along this way suddenly the tastiest aroma hit my nose, instantly I was hungry, I came to check it out, I’m ecstatic to know this  is where you work.”

“Okay, okay no need to sugar coat your words Dave, Why are you here?”

“You know that aroma I got while walking I want to know who is it for and what are you cooking?”

Art told him he was roasting a crane for dinner for his master and his friend.

“A crane Dave jumped, why I never tasted its meat, must be delicious, can I please have a leg ,I am soooo hungry?”

“No you can’t said Art immediately.”

You don’t have to raise your voice, I know you are a friend in name only,if you had wanted me to give you something I’d do it no questions asked, I may go to some burger joint and have a burger instead, nice to know you friend!”

Art was guilty he pleaded with his friend to stay, so he could taste the leg of the crane and tell him what he thought of his cooking.

Dave got what he wanted, he ate the leg one morsel at a time, if he could he’d eat the bone too, but it was hard and he reluctantly put it in the garbage. He then thanked Art and went on home.

Meanwhile the wealthy man and his friend came for dinner. Art carefully set the table brought the roast along with the vegetables and rolls he baked. While carving the roast George realized there was only one leg, he summoned the cook promptly, “where is the other leg he asked?”

At first Art was stupefied what could he say, he waited a few seconds, then he said at once, “But cranes have only one leg Sir!”

George jumped off his seat and demanded they should go out in the field to see the cranes there. When they reached the field the cranes were having a nap and were standing on one leg, unwilling to give up George screamed SHOO, SHOO, the birds put the other leg down and flew away.

George pulled Art’s ears and said, “how will you explain this!”

“But Mr. George you forgot to say SHOO to the bird you bought, this is why it only had one leg!”

George was impressed to see how clever his cook was and forgave him.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/dp-daily-prompt-ha-ha-ha

365 Writing Prompt: Menagerie

IMG_0845Do you have animals in your life? If yes what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

Yes we have two Himalayan Siamese breed. We got them from the same litter when they were a few weeks old.

We are very fond of them, they are very demanding, they always want us to play with them. While I can get away not entertaining them, Selina cannot, as soon as she comes home,they complain, one of them about me, how I  neglect them and I do not let them go wild.

Gabriel is known to complain, first when Selina comes home, he meows to let her know she came home late, he did not have a good time because I did my own thing and ignored them.

Raphael however does not complain but will do things he’s not allowed to, only to get attention. I love watching them when I’m not  busy writing or doing my usual household chores.

These two felines mean a lot to us, we play with them ,feed them and use the spray bottle when their behavior gets unmanageable.

Time we spend watching them relieves us from the stress of day to day problems we face, right now it’s the weather, the snowstorms, the huge snowbanks and the impassable roads are some of the worries lately.

The best thing about them is  they communicate by meowing which is not that difficult to bear, compared to the constant complaints of the humans. I think they are good company and without them we might spend time talking about who did what, which is gossiping and that’s really something I dislike. I do believe in the phrase,”An idle brain is the devil’s workshop!”