DP Daily Prompts: Missing Sequels

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If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?

I have a few favorite movies, I find some of them end like the fairy tales such as,”and they lived happily thereafter.”

One of my favorite movie is , “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, if Dickens were alive how would he have written the sequel to his book. It is a very interesting story, I personally think about Oliver, in the original movie, he was freed from the clutches of the terrible man and was lucky to go back to his grandfather.

He was only a little child there is a lot of possibilities to write a sequel. Perhaps one could write about his school life, how he fared in his studies and classmates. The fact that he had learned some evil things while he was with the kidnapper, would he go back to using those skills to stay away from school and study.

Could those experiences suddenly flash  in his mind and he hangs out with kids who are also not fond of school. They decide to create a group and start pick pocketing. While grandpa has no idea what his grand kid is doing behind his back.

Finally grandpa gets wind of it and sends Oliver to reform school, what would that experience do to him, will he become a changed man or will it make him worse?”


365 Writing Prompts: INTJ

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I do not mind going to parties if there are some people I know, it gives me an incentive to hang out with them. I am not too fond of wild parties where guests completely lose their sense,I avoid those.

I’ve been to some parties where the guests are interested in what every one is wearing, to me it feels like I’m attending a fashion show I don’t much care about them.

I was invited to attend a wedding in Baltimore, the groom was the son of my husband’s good friend, I was happy to accept the invitation.

There were a lot of guests, it was not noisy, the bride was very sweet, she made sure her guests were having a good time, her father had passed away, she and her mother and her cousins organized everything. The whole ceremony was a joy to watch.