Ghazal: Runa Laila : ranjish hi sahee ,posted and translated by Ranu


Even though it is unpleasant, come to break my heart

Come  to leave me once  again

Our relationship is not the same as before, still  sometimes

do it for the sake of worldliness

How many people can I tell the cause of our separation

Come for the sake of the world even if you are angry with me

Show some respect for my love of you

You could also come to console me sometimes

Too long have I been deprived of the passionate expression of grief

Oh my beloved , come even if it’s only to make me shed tears!



For dear Indira who  requested me to translate the above ghazal 🙂

My sincere thanks to khurram Shafique for taking the time to read my translation, I appreciate it very much 🙂…slated-by-ranu/



8 thoughts on “Ghazal: Runa Laila : ranjish hi sahee ,posted and translated by Ranu

  1. This is an excellent translation – elegant and simple. I am familiar with this ghazal since my childhood but never thought that it could be translated so beautifully 🙂

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. I heard this ghazal in a movie, the actors were Muhammad Ali and Zeba.
      I liked the voice of Mehdi Hassan, I did not use his video, I felt he was dragging it too long. Each verse was
      repeated several times, the readers who usually follow my blog, may not appreciate the ghazal so I used Runa Laila instead.
      It’s different when the readers understand the language 🙂

    • Dear Indira,
      Ranjish means displeasure and marasim means customs, it’s the plural of rasam which means custom or ceremony.
      I hope this is helpful 🙂

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