Ghazal : Singer Munni Begum posted and translated by Ranu

You ask and I don’t tell these are not the circumstances: tum poochho aur mais na bataoon aise to halaat nahin

Only a little heart is broken there is nothing else to talk about : ek zara sa dil toota hai aur to koi baat nahin

who knew the dark clouds fly away without dropping rain : Kis ko khabar thi sanwli badal bin barse urh jate hain

Rainy season came but  it did not rain for me: Sawan aya lekin apni qismat mein barsaat nahin

when the heart is broken music has no meaning: toot gaya jab dil to phir sanson ka naghma kya maani

Why do I hear the echo of the flute: goonj rahi hai kyun shehnai

when there is no marriage procession: jab koi baraat nahin

Why I am sorrowful it surprises  friends ,”Qateel”     : meray ghamgin honay per ehbab hai yun hairan, “Qateel”

As if I am a stone I  have no feeling: jaise mais patthar hoon meray seene mais jazbaat nahin


DP Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

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If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I’m hoping my college friend Aziz Fatima would see my blog and contact me. It will be so much fun. I asked my friend Evie if she knew about her whereabouts, she says she doesn’t.

If it happens there is so much to catch up. This is one experience I’m longing to have.



DP Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

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Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

Today is first April, it reminds me of my students, they were only interested to fool me. They were never successful, because I tried to be cautious.

When I think of it I remember when we were little kids going to school by school transportation. We always sang this ridiculous song: Station school there is no rule, tell your teacher their students more likely belong to a class of fools.

It is difficult to leave three-letter words!