Ghazal : Singer Munni Begum posted and translated by Ranu

You ask and I don’t tell these are not the circumstances: tum poochho aur mais na bataoon aise to halaat nahin

Only a little heart is broken there is nothing else to talk about : ek zara sa dil toota hai aur to koi baat nahin

who knew the dark clouds fly away without dropping rain : Kis ko khabar thi sanwli badal bin barse urh jate hain

Rainy season came but  it did not rain for me: Sawan aya lekin apni qismat mein barsaat nahin

when the heart is broken music has no meaning: toot gaya jab dil to phir sanson ka naghma kya maani

Why do I hear the echo of the flute: goonj rahi hai kyun shehnai

when there is no marriage procession: jab koi baraat nahin

Why I am sorrowful it surprises  friends ,”Qateel”     : meray ghamgin honay per ehbab hai yun hairan, “Qateel”

As if I am a stone I  have no feeling: jaise mais patthar hoon meray seene mais jazbaat nahin


21 thoughts on “Ghazal : Singer Munni Begum posted and translated by Ranu

  1. Dear Ranu,

    We like a lot the lyrics that you share here. Thank you for this.

    “As if I am a stone I have no feeling.” Beautiful lines.

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you, I met this singer in a wedding I was invited to attend. She is a Bengali and is related to
      the bride’s mother by marriage and to my sister-in-law.

  2. Oh I really loved this Ranu. She is brilliant! I am definitely going to keep listening to this ghazal and will search for more of her songs.

    Whose lyrics are they? Very simple yet conveyed s o much meaning. (I could understand most of them)

    • Thank you, the lyricist is Qateel Shifai.Munni Begum is a Bengali, she married a Pakistani.
      I met her at a wedding in Calgary, the bride’s family is her relative by marriage.I was introduced to her by the bride’s mother,
      She and I spoke Bengali the whole time.I had never heard of her before, although she is famous 🙂

  3. My dearest sister,

    Yes Munni Begum is a very famous and talented singer and has been regarded as a legend in her lifetime. This is one of my favorite ghazals. Thanks for sharing it and translating it 🙂

      • Dear Indira,
        Where did you read the word babasta, unless you mean jazbaat or baraat, jazbaat means feeling and baraat is marriage procession.
        Babasta is not in the lyrics, can you check it again? 🙂

      • Dear Ranu, have you heard that gazal’ in aankhon ki masti ke’ there is a line’ In aankhon se vaabasta afsaane hazaaron hain’ one more word is there’ shamm-e-faroza ‘ without knowing meaning you can’t enjoy fully.

      • Yes Indira I have heard this ghazal and I like it too, yes the word vaabasta means related, shamma means sense of smelling.
        I’ll find the ghazal and see what it is about 🙂

  4. Great song, poem and translation. Thanks so much for sharing. Ghazal is so moving, even without the translation it hits you, and then even better when you get the meaning.

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