DP Daily Prompt:

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The clock struck one, she awakened in a dark room, “where is everyone she thought?”

She was very sick all day, she fell asleep in her room, since it was broad daylight there was no need to turn on the lights.

No one called her for supper may be she complained of stomach sickness, her husband didn’t think she should eat. The quiet dark night scared her, she wondered if they left some food for her. She was faint with hunger, she wanted to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.It was pitch dark occasionally she heard the sound of a fox, which unnerved her senses, “is this creature in my house she was too terrified to think?”

She cautiously left her bed took slow measured steps, to avoid waking up the rest of her family. Something was not feeling normal, what might it be, she walked two steps stopped, listened, ‘thank God she said there is no one.’

Fear can always make one think of unusual things, like someone appearing before you unannounced, this was the feeling Shelley had as she walked into the kitchen. She was glad the fridge was not too far from her, she quickened her pace and reached the refrigerator, when she opened it there was a loud thud, some creature came out of it and started singing and dancing, with a pounding heart she immediately closed the door, she could not remember why she was there.

Lack of food made her weak the appearance of the creature was no help for her psyche, she went back to bed and kept praying so sleep would help her regain her composure.

Shelley wasn’t aware how long she slept, she felt someone shaking her and saying, “Wake  up you sleepy head it’s time for breakfast.”

The word “Breakfast” brought uncontrollable tears in her eyes, oh how she hoped she could eat something, anything, with a growling stomach Shelley went into the dining room, the table was set with all kinds of delicious food prepared by her husband Sam. Before she started to eat she asked, “did you hear that terrible thud last night?”

“What thud they all said at once!”


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/dp-daily-prompt-8




2 thoughts on “DP Daily Prompt:

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this intriguing story. As your story makes clear, “Fear can always make one think of unusual things,” in our waking or sleeping states.

    All good wishes,


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