Commons Writing 101: Unlock The Mind

I am ready to unlock my mind, I was watching a kids’ championship cooking show on the “Food Network” I am amazed to see they know so much, I am confident theses eleven year old kids would be unbelievable cooks some day. 

They already know the cooking terms. They are serious, much more than adults I have watched. Let’s hope we will have fabulous American cooks within ten years.

This food channel is a very interesting show, much better than other shows on TV . I have learned some very valuable tips watching the different competition they have on the food channel.

I think the Cut Throat Kitchen is very competitive, the guy responsible for this show is brilliant, he takes back the money he initially gives in a very clever way. The contestants are learning to be mean and selfish to win this competition.



Fiction: Hunt

Lillie McFerrin Writes

When Jaime saw her friend Mona’s kitten, she wanted one just like him, she asked Mona, from where did she get the  kitten, but got no answer, after asking  several times,Jaime was irritated, she decided to go home, as she was about to step outside the door, she heard a voice, “Seek and ye shall find!”

At first Jaime was shocked and scared, but thinking her friend was joking, she kept walking.

Her home was not too far from Mona’s, she realized she’s been walking longer than usual, she looked around, nothing looked familiar, where was she and how did she get there, then she remembered she was so angry with Mona she did not look where she was going, “I am lost how will I find my way she thought?”

A man who looked like an ogre stopped and asked if she needed help, she told him the story of her friend and the kitten, the man asked her to follow him, although terrified, she agreed, they walked a long way, the ogre stopped to get a map from his hut to find exactly where Jaime’s house was.

He came out with a piece of paper, they resumed their walk until they came to Jaime’s house, the man bid her goodbye and disappeared, Jaime was happy to reach home but sad because she couldn’t find a kitten like Mona’s, when she entered the house, her mother was waiting for her, “Jaime look she was all smiles, someone left this kitten for you.”



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DP Daily Prompt:

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Switching my blog with someone  else for a week seems like an interesting idea. I am really not sure who I can switch with , the ones I am thinking about may not like to do it, some write mostly poetry, others have their own style of writing,the subjects they are interested in may not be what I’d like to do.

A week is too long, I’d prefer to be able to switch for a day, see if we like the idea, if not we can easily go back to writing on our own  blog, this way  the interruption is only for a day.