Writing 101: random writing for fifteen minutes

I was looking forward to the prompt today, I think we’ll only get them on week days. This gives me a chance to write something, which might not be that interesting .but I’m writing which makes me happy.

I appreciated getting a comment from one blogger, who has a real sense of humor, I was delighted, I wrote about the shell that disappeared from my desk at school. she said maybe the ocean came and took it back. This reminded me of my childhood when we the siblings spent hours teasing each other, we did not need toys.

I thought I had gone back to my good old days when all we  were interested to do was tease each other. my younger brother would not leave me alone if I tried to speak  my mother tongue the way it should be spoken, not like a dialect, He’d have that silly grin when he would keep imitating the way I spoke until I’d be fed up and told him to leave me alone.

This reminds me of the song those days we thought will never end. They did end we are left to talk about it, sometimes we’d be sad other times we’d laugh and say to ourselves we are lucky we were a large family, we did not need friends, we had each other that was perfect for us.

As a family we  were very close, except we had the odd one who was too conceited to even talk to us. Yes she came from the same parents, she was a spoilt child who always wished she was the only child.

We the rest of us had a whale of a time we walked everywhere when we were not in school.I think of those days and tell myself thank God we loved each other, except the one black sheep we had, she was no fun and we did not want her company.

Now we barely see each other, we all have families of our own, we live in different countries, it’s not easy to visit each other. 🙂



DP Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you would have hoped.

This incidentally is something that happened in my school.We the grade four teachers were planning to stage a play. There was no problem selecting the minor characters in the play. The problem was who can we select for the main role.

Keeping in mind there were five grade four classes and each teacher might want to have one of her pupils play the part.

I took a cursory glance at all the boys in my class. I was certain I have the kid who was perfect for the part. To see their reaction , I said , “I know I have someone who will be the best for the part.”

Immediately all hands went up , “Miss please tell us who is it?”

I did not want the boy to have his hopes up, I simply replied, “I can’t the other teachers may not agree with me.”

For the next few days I kept hoping that one of the teachers’ will notice.

Sure enough one of them came to me and said, “I have thought about it, you have the boy who is suitable for the main part.”

I was thrilled not only someone from my class was picked for the role, also I was right he was the only one fit to play the part! 🙂



Writing 101,day four-serially lost-part three

I enjoyed teaching in Gander. The kids were wonderful. Some of them visited Florida several times.

One day David brought a large shell for me from Florida. He was a shy boy, he quietly laid it on my desk.

His friend Jamie said, “Miss did you not notice David brought you a gift from Florida, put it on your ears you will hear the sound of the ocean.”

I did and thanked David profusely for his thoughtfulness and laid it on my desk.

Next day when I entered my classroom  the first thing I noticed, the shell was missing!