DP Daily Prompt: Interplannet Janet

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You get to design your own planet: tell us about your planet– the weather, the seasons,the inhabitants. Go.

It certainly is a great idea to design my own planet. It gives an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the misuse of our present planet, it  will help us not to make the same mistake of polluting the environment.

Experience tells us we have changed the seasons by our misuse of our planet. We know we must not repeat the same mistakes, so that our seasons are normal.

Storage of weapons of mass destruction will be disallowed, since  war brings misery,  the minds of the people  has to be changed.

Feeling  superior than others will be discouraged, everyone will be treated the same.  They  will draw the same salary regardless of their work.

Education will be free, the parents will be encouraged to guide their children, so that education will not be thought of as a waste of time.

Houses will be built according to the number of family members. Playtime will be strictly observed.

Religious freedom will be allowed regardless of the faith of the inhabitants.

The supermarkets will be encouraged to stock fresh produce, violators will be disciplined.

The inhabitants will be motivated to use public transportation to avoid polluting the environment by driving too many vehicles.

Health care will be provided with minimal cost. Hospitals will be clean, and the workers in them will be kind to the patients.




365 Writing Prompts: Decisions, decisions

How are you likely to to make an important decision— by reasoning through it, or going with your gut?

Some make decisions by reasoning through it, some go with their gut. I follow neither, which sounds strange, this is the way I am.

My husband however believed in reasoning. He had made up his mind to buy a car, he didn’t like the idea of going to a dealership and drive home in the car.

The first thing he did he bought ‘The consumer reports’, a magazine which helps buyers to select the right car. He read the magazine from cover to cover making sure not to make the wrong decision, even it had to be a certain color to be visible in foggy Newfoundland.

The selection was complete he selected a Ford Model, this one had the highest rating by consumer reports, he shouldn’t go wrong, the color was lemon.

The car was bought after six months of decision making, we were on our way to Newfoundland on a May morning.My husband was speeding along on the Quebec two lane highway, we had barely reached a few miles when I heard a loud thud,he hit a dead animal on the highway and the fuel indicator of the car turned to zero, alarmed my husband went to the nearest garage. The guy told him the fuel tank was twisted, therefore he has to get used to the fact when the needle turns to half it means, the tank is full if it points to zero it means it’s half full.

So the lemon car, Ford Model, six month’s of decision making made no difference, the car proved to be a wrong pick!




Writing 101: fifteen minutes free writing

The clock is adjusted , I am ready to write. I am going on a journey, the sun is shining, the day is looking bright. I will follow the sun and see where I will end up.

It’s an early morning sun, the birds are flying about welcoming the beautiful day and I am walking breathing in the lovely pure air. I see a small hut yonder, will I go to see who lives there, yes my mind is made up.I am walking the path seems endless, if I was Tagore I’d make up a poem for everyone to read. I cannot, although I love reading poems and memorizing them. I failed to develop the skill of writing poetry.

I should not be distracted my aim is the hut, the little one. How much longer is the path I ask myself,who knows I’ve never walked along this path.

Wait now I’m almost there, I see a little boy playing with his spin top, it’s a very inexpensive toy, I tell you truthfully the pleasure you get from this little man made device is equal to none. I’m distracted again, I was talking about the boy.Oh look he is waving out to me, I must find out why.

Here I am he is showing me his top, he tells me he got it last night before he went to bed. This is his being good gift, he wants me to play with him, Okay I say,” but I cannot spin it like you , can you teach me?”

The boy replies, “it’s easy , I will teach you.”

I spent a full twenty minutes but could not spin it the way he did.

Time’s up  the clock says!


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/writing-101-fi…s-free-writing