Daily Prompt: The Full Moon

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When the full moon happens, you turn into  a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe the new you.

I’m always a happy person by nature. A full moon to me means a joyous occasion, everything is bright, the dark night changes into a very bright sky, the earth, the people are all happy.

To be opposite of me would be to be an unhappy me  instead of enjoying the bright moon I’m sad, I’m cranky,I dislike everything around me . I sit and sulk, I stop smiling, I want everyone to leave me alone and I write poems that makes humanity cringe.

I’d rather write a poem that makes all of nature happy, like:

Come one come all the full moon is here

Let us celebrate with fiddles and drums

Wake up all of you let’s look and sing

For this is a time to be jolly and giving

Do not stop smiling, do not start sulking

For nature will invite the clouds

To cover the full moon and darken the sky

We’d be looking up and saying

Please clouds let the moon be free

So we can sing about the full moon with glee!



Fiction: Departure

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This is my five sentence fiction the title of my story is: Exit

Barbara was walking down the long corridor looking for the sign that said: Way Out.

She knew she would be late for her appointment if she could not find the door to go out, frustrated she sat down and began to cry.

The custodian noticed her came right up to her and said: “Miss what’s wrong?”

“The door, I can’t find the ‘Way Out’ sign.”

The custodian burst out into a roaring laughter and replied: “Miss did you not see the ‘Exit’ sign, it tells you to go out!”  🙂


Writing 101,Day Seventeen: Your personality on the Page

Today’s Prompt: We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of ? Address one of your fears.

There was a situation when one know it all started dissecting my answer to a question, point by point, I totally lost it and wrote what I thought of it in my style. But my politeness got the better of me and I deleted my reply.

My fear is if this creature did it again , I’d let her have it and say, Yo Miss know it all, if ya know everyting why don’t ya teach and leave us alone.