At one point in my career in teaching, the members of the department of education made a rule which I thought was crazy. In their efforts to promote writing, they made a rule, which encouraged the kids to write.

They did not have to worry about spelling, spacing of the words, they were just told to write. When I got the group of kids and tried to read their story,which is what they called it. I was lost, the words meant nothing because the spelling was so far removed it made no sense.

I took one of the students aside and asked him to read it for me. I noticed the words he read were completely different from how it was  written on paper.

I did not expect this system of free writing to last too long. When a teacher has a class of thirty two students how can it be possible for the teacher to let the students read while s/h tries to make sense of it.Even if we gave five minutes to each student which multiplied by thirty two comes to  one hundred sixty minutes.

Each period was forty minutes. The school started at 9 am and was over at 3.45 pm.  out of six hours and forty five minutes, lunch was an hour and recess fifteen minutes. The total teaching time was five hours and thirty minutes.

I wasn’t sure we could teach the other subjects, if we devoted one hundred sixty minutes for correcting writing.

There was only one hundred seventy minutes left for the other subjects.

The group of students that went through this system, i.e just write do not worry about spelling or anything else , had a difficult time in the higher grades.

This is my post for “Just my writing.”

Daily Prompt: Land of confusion

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Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

Actually I did not find Math or English impossible to grasp. I did not have to scream if either of the two subjects were mentioned.

The one I did have trouble with was,  “Quantity Theory of Money” in Economics,  my older brother was an accountant he sat me down one day and explained repeatedly what it was all about. It wasn’t that I did not understand the first time he explained it, he thought it was a difficult topic, so little sister has to understand until it comes out of her ears.

This was when I screamed and said,”please I understand it  do not explain anymore.”

It was the first and last time I ever asked him to explain anything.

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