Just my writing: As others see us

The title of one of the books in our ,”Teaching English As A Foreign language,” was ,’As Others see us’. We had fun reading some of the things pointed out by foreign travelers to the city of London, England.

A gentleman  was visiting London from somewhere in Africa. On his first day in London, he went to see the famous tube station , “King’s Cross”, not long after he arrived, he noticed a train coming in , it made a moments stop the doors opened, hundreds of passengers came out with long umbrellas which to him looked like guns, he thought all those people were  pointing at him and were coming to attack him, without waiting even a second, he ran to the exit and disappeared.

On another occasion there was another traveler  visiting London for the first time. At 6 pm he walked out of his hotel to see what the  evenings in London’s residential area looked like.

He walked along a posh neighborhood street, as he was walking he noticed the drapes of  houses were drawn, the street was dark.

When asked about his impression of the city, he smiled and said,”I would call it a dead city.”

I wanted to make a comparison of London with Dhaka city.

Dhaka as you know is in Bangladesh, it’s the capital. I went a few years ago, I could not believe how different it was when I lived there.

Now the city is several times larger and there is no law and order anywhere, on the streets, neighborhood, shopping, one just has to pretend it will be okay, but is it?

You will find all kinds of vehicles moving on the most important roads, there is the rickshaw driver taking his time peddling with a passenger or two, the shepherd is going along the road with his herd of cattle. There are public buses, that look like giants driven by  lunatics . They have a man who tells everyone to move to be safe.

There are private cars, school buses, cabs, auto rickshaws , then there are pedestrians who probably pray all the time they are on the road so they are not killed.

I was appalled by the situation, we do have travelers who visit the city, I wonder what kind of impression they take home with them.

The best part is there are traffic lights, but  no one follows them, when it is red the vehicles  start moving. I ask the question, “why do they have lights if they are not going to obey?”

You’d be surprised what one of them said to me, “At least we have lights!”

“For what”? I asked.

He could not answer my question.

I sat and wondered, which is better a quiet residential area at 6 pm in the evening or the roads of a city with noisy bus drivers,all kinds of vehicles, from a rickshaw to a cab, to shepherds with their cattle and those innocent pedestrians, who cannot be sure  they will arrive home safely.

If I had to give my honest opinion I’d say, “No wonder we are one of the developing countries!”

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Daily Prompt: The Clothes(May) Make the(wo)man

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style,if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

There was a time in my early childhood I did not care much about what I wore, I was contented to wear anything as long as it was okay to go out and play.

As I grew older my outlook changed. I was concerned about my clothes, “was it presentable to go out visiting my parents friends’  homes for dinner,” I’d ask myself.

In the university I did not want to look shabby among other students, I had special clothes to wear for that kind of environment.

My work clothes were different, I always wore a different set of clothes every day, it probably made my kids curious about my clothes. I remember one of them asked, “Miss how many of these do you have?”

I was amazed they noticed, “Why do you ask?” I said.

“You wear a different one every day.”  The kid replied.

Sometimes wearing casual clothes has its disadvantages, even if you go shopping, the sales lady will look at you once and decide almost instantly, “she’s not going to buy anything, I do not want to waste my time with her.”

I have my own set of clothes for different occasions.

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