Daily Prompt: A Dog Named Bob

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You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, Bluejay, plate,syrup and ink.And one more detail….. the story must include a dog named Bob.

Sally’s little daughter cried every day, since she saw her friend Samantha’s got a cute little puppy.

All she ever said every day was,  ” Mom, I want a puppy too.”

A puppy her Mom would say but you don’t know how to take care of it, Jenny.”

Jenny would not give up crying so Mom went to SPCA to look for one. “This one is abandoned by his owners, they had named him Bob,  please do not change his name, stick to the name Bob.”

Jenny was ready to call him Bob, “what’s in a name she said, we had to  give him a name, now that he has one we’d certainly call him Bob.”

So the family agreed to call the puppy Bob. Bob had some peculiar habits, whenever the mailman came, he’d jump up to see what was in the mailbox.

His food had to be served on a plate or he refused to eat. One day Jenny and her dog were busy playing in their front lawn, suddenly a Bluejay landed on the fountain and started drinking water. Bob was thrilled he tried hard to catch the bird but it flew away. That evening he was in a bad mood , he didn’t come to Jenny but sat in the corner of the verandah and started sulking.

Jenny wanted to play with Bob, but he was in no mood, Jenny poured a tiny bit of syrup in Bob’s bowl of water to see if he’d be interested to drink it, Bob came slowly and licked it once, he never had sweet water before he was delighted he lapped it up within minutes.

Next day Jenny got a bottle of ink she filled her pen and practiced her writing, Jenny forgot to put the cover on the bottle, well jeepers keepers Bob was in a jovial mood he rushed to Jenny to give her hug,  he toppled the bottle and spilled all the remaining ink, Mom was unhappy when she saw the mess.

Jenny defended Bob by saying, “Mom he’s only a dog he doesn’t know how to be careful!”


Writing 101, day one: Unlock your mind

I got ready to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy. I was out of the house in a jiffy, as I turned the corner of my house to get to the bus stop , I saw the bus whizzing by me. Thirty minutes , I had to wait for the next one, to get the time moving I went to the next stop . I noticed I had twenty two more minutes to kill, I came back to my stop, still there was more time left.

I was frustrated but chose to wait the ten minutes I was required to. The bus came I got on and after five minutes I was in front of the pharmacy. I walked in picked up my medicine. I turned around and started walking to the bus stop to get on the bus and get home. I checked my watch and realized I didn’t have to walk so fast to get to the stop for the bus. There was ten minutes left for the bus to arrive. The bus came late. Sometimes I feel the hands of the clock refuses to move when I want it to.

Finally I saw the bus coming, I was the first to get on. The anxiety of waiting took a toll on my mind I was exhausted when I got home.

The felines were sleeping sound, I tried to wake them up, they were not in a mood, “come on Gabriel, Raphael wake up and eat your lunch,” they didn’t care.

I turned on my computer to send an email, I got the most tiresome message,”sorry we cannot connect to the internet try again later.”

I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich for me. “This was my day, tell me if yours was better.”

365 Writing Prompt: Ripped into the headline

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

Over the weekend we had a guest for supper. I was the cook, I did not leave any stone unturned to make it a very successful venture.

The menu was fried beef, chicken curry, garbanzo beans cooked with potatoes, matar pilaf and a salad.

For dessert I made Gulab Jamun and served it with sweet yogurt, then the herbal tea.

The beef,chicken, garbanzo beans, rice pilaf with peas and the salad were all winners.

The dessert took the second spot because I forgot one ingredient and ended up making it again. The remake was okay but could have been better. Sometimes I fail to understand why there has to be one dish which has failure written all over it.

We had a grand time, our guest was a  nice person , he enjoyed the food and we were delighted.

This was my weekend and I wouldn’t doubt it was good enough to make the headline on our local paper!