Writing 101, day one: Unlock your mind

I got ready to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy. I was out of the house in a jiffy, as I turned the corner of my house to get to the bus stop , I saw the bus whizzing by me. Thirty minutes , I had to wait for the next one, to get the time moving I went to the next stop . I noticed I had twenty two more minutes to kill, I came back to my stop, still there was more time left.

I was frustrated but chose to wait the ten minutes I was required to. The bus came I got on and after five minutes I was in front of the pharmacy. I walked in picked up my medicine. I turned around and started walking to the bus stop to get on the bus and get home. I checked my watch and realized I didn’t have to walk so fast to get to the stop for the bus. There was ten minutes left for the bus to arrive. The bus came late. Sometimes I feel the hands of the clock refuses to move when I want it to.

Finally I saw the bus coming, I was the first to get on. The anxiety of waiting took a toll on my mind I was exhausted when I got home.

The felines were sleeping sound, I tried to wake them up, they were not in a mood, “come on Gabriel, Raphael wake up and eat your lunch,” they didn’t care.

I turned on my computer to send an email, I got the most tiresome message,”sorry we cannot connect to the internet try again later.”

I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich for me. “This was my day, tell me if yours was better.”

4 thoughts on “Writing 101, day one: Unlock your mind

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I always like your stories, and especially when Gabriel and Raphael figure in them.

    All good wishes,


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