Daily Prompt: Turn,Turn, Turn

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Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

My most favorite season is summer, here in Newfoundland it does not get too hot, the weather is nice. I get to go out without warm clothes. I look forward to summer because it’s not that long.

My least favorite season is winter. The days are short and extremely cold, we have too much snow, clearing the snow from the driveway is a chore I avoid. Then untimely rain makes the roads and the driveways very slippery.

Some people remark, ‘It is so slippery we should go out in our skates.’

Those who are good in skating and enjoy it, it’s a fun time for them. I tried to learn skating but was unable to slide, and fell down countless times.

Winter is much longer and keeps me home 24/7. I do not enjoy winter.

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A song: tum ko dekha toh yeh khayal aya posted and translated by Ranu

When I see you my thought tells me,

Life is sunshine , you are thick shadow.

Today my heart has made a wish again,

I explain to my heart yet again.

Life is sunshine, you are thick shadow.

When you leave I will think,

What did I lose , what did I find?

When I see you, my thought tells me,

Life is sunshine, you are thick shadow.

The tune that I find so difficult to hum,

Why did   Time sing that kind of song!


Tagore Song posted and translated by Ranu

আজি প্রণমি তোমারে চলিব, নাথ, সংসারকাজে। তুমি আমার নয়নে নয়ন রেখো অন্তরমাঝে ॥ হৃদয়দেবতা রয়েছ প্রাণে মন যেন তাহা নিয়ত জানে, পাপের চিন্তা মরে যেন দহি দুঃসহ লাজে ॥ সব কলরবে সারা দিনমান শুনি অনাদি সঙ্গীতগান, সবার সঙ্গে যেন অবিরত তোমার সঙ্গ রাজে। নিমেষে নিমেষে নয়নে বচনে, সকল কর্মে, সকল মননে, সকল হৃদয়তন্ত্রে

 যেন মঙ্গল বাজে ॥
Today my Lord I salute you
 before I go for my worldly duties.
You watch me in your heart
I wish  to remember at all times 
that you are my object of deep reverence
I should burn the thought of sin.
I want to feel your presence even
when I'm in the company of others.