Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits

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If you’re in school,are you enjoying your classes? If you’re out of school what do you miss about it–or are you glad those days are over?

I am doing online courses, it’s not the kind of school where we sit in a classroom or see who are other participants in the course we interact with each other by writing on the course blog.

At the end of each course we get a certificate, which states the course we’ve finished. It is enjoyable, we are gaining knowledge, but it’s not a real school, there is no attendance record. As long as we do the lessons and type our answers on the blog we qualify for a certificate.

I am out of the school where we are required to be present week days, do homework and study for exams. Frankly speaking this school I am glad is over.

What I miss about regular school,is the interaction with other students, where we see our friends, talk about different things and in class watch the students sneaking out of the classroom after roll call. Studying hard for final exams, competing with each other. It has its own kind of pleasure.


365 Writing Prompt: Taglines

Often our blogs have taglines.But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

I remember when I was very young a vendor used to come to our house, his intention was to sell fried spicy lentils. He made up a song to attract the attention of the children. It was all about his dried spicy fried lentils.

The lyrics of his spicy fried lentils was: my lentils are the best,

they are eaten by Bengalees who wear loose dhotis(these are worn instead of                                                                          trousers)

They are warm they are hot, come one,come all.

Each house he visited he changed the lyrics, he only went to houses where there were children. I remember running to the gate to eat his tasty goodies.

I realize now hot spicy fried lentils was his tagline, he was describing his delicious lentils to attract kids.

I cannot imagine humans having tagline, then again that car salesman comes to mind. He knew my husband and I were potential car buyers, because the one we drove to see him was on its last leg.Like a perfect salesman, he offered coffee, when we declined he went so far as to say, he’d mow our lawn, clear our snow, all we had to do was to call him.We smiled we knew what he was trying to do. The immediate feeling we got, ‘He is such a nice man.’

He tried to impress us by his demeanor and it certainly worked.

If I were to use a tagline, I’d probably talk about teaching, about the scholarships I was awarded, but having used that I can’t see droves of people coming to me to ask for help for their slow learner kid.

I don’t think I can use a tagline to impress people. The car salesman has done his sweet talk for years, it works for him. It will not work for me.