Daily Prompt: All About Me

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Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I was twelve years old when my Dad passed away. It was a sad time for us. I wasn’t able to show my dad how much I loved him. Although he is no longer with us, it gives me great pleasure to choose my blog’s title,”Sabethville”, my Dad’s name was Abdus Sabeth. He was a great inspiration to us,he worked day and night to provide us a comfortable home and the best education.

He told my mother once, a child’s education is like a foundation of a building, just as any building with a good foundation would last a long time, so will a child’s education with a good foundation bring increasing benefits. He tried his best to see us thrive. With this in mind he registered us in the best schools in the city.

My blog title makes me very proud that I was able to use my Dad’s name.

It means a lot to me when I  publish posts and read the comments of my blogger friends. I have a few dedicated friends who take the time to read my post and leave their awesome comments. I  thank them  for their positive words.

Somewhere up there my Dad is probably thinking, “I am so happy, Ranu did not neglect her education!”

…………………………………… 🙂

365 Writing Prompt: Ha ha ha

Tell us a joke!Knock-knock joke, long story with an unexpected punchline, great zinger– all jokes are welcome!

Two monkeys stole a delicious loaf from a well  -known bread store, actually one of them stole it, the other one  was watching to see if someone was coming to alert his friend. The deed was done without any hassle.

The problem, there was only one loaf, since each of them did their part well of stealing and watching, they deserved to get part of it.

Decision was made they’d split it half and half, but who’d do it was the question, one did not trust the other. They managed to track down a wayfarer to solve their problem.

They explained to the traveler  their problem, they want to split the bread in half, but cannot trust each other to be fair. The traveler was a lean and thin man who seemed had not eaten for days. He agreed to do the job. He needed a pair of scales  so he’d be able to split it perfectly, none of the monkeys will get less than the other.

The stage was set the traveler sat in the middle with the pair of scales and the monkeys sat on either side of him. The monkey who stole the loaf handed it to the traveler. The traveler tore the loaf in half and weighed it, it seemed one side was heavier than the other, the monkeys got into a fight, “calm down ” the traveler said, “I’d fix it”.

The part that seemed heavier, the traveler tore a piece from it, the solution he said was to eat the piece which he did. He weighed it again now the other part was heavier. The traveler tore off the piece from the heavier part and ate it, this he thought was the only way to settle their quarrel.

The monkeys were concerned this splitting was not what they expected, the loaf was getting smaller, they wanted to get what was left of the loaf, and let the traveler continue with his journey. The man promised to do it right, and wanted them to give him  one more chance to do the job right.

While the hungry traveler was satisfying his tummy, the monkeys were plotting how to get back the pieces the traveler already ate, they winked at  each other, lifted the lean traveler and bounced him on the ground, the shock of the fall made the man sick, all the pieces of the loaf came out of his system.

The monkeys picked the pieces and the remaining loaf to their abode. There they ate piece by piece and congratulated each other for a job well done. “Say” one said to the other, “this was the best way of making our loaf moist and tasty!”

………………………… 🙂