Amazing Apricots!


Apricots on the tree

Summer is definitely here!  The temperature topped out at 33C today.  It was hot!  Val and I braved the extreme heat alerts and ventured out to her backyard where her apricot tree was bursting at the seams.

On a hot day like this, the thought of being enclosed in a hot kitchen cooking was not really what either one of us had in mind so we came up with a couple of recipes today that didn’t require a whole lot of cooking.


On days like this a light salsa is something that can be eaten on its own, used to top tacos, fish, or, mix it up with some lentils.


One medium red onion, diced

One red pepper, diced

2 ataulfo mangos, diced

10 pitted apricots

bunch of fresh cilantro, washed and chopped.

juice of 3 limes


We also put the seeds…

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Apricots!

    • No my dear sister, I got this recipe this morning from another blogger, I reblogged it to have it on my post,and also help my friends
      to read and see if they want to try it. 🙂

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