Daily Prompt:____ is the new_____

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Click over to your favorite blog and pick out the 4th and the 14th words(that aren’t “the” or “an”)drop them into this phrase: _Me__ is the new_box__.

I follow Moondustwriter’s  blog. In one of her poems, the word “Me” was the fourth word and “Box” was the fourteenth.

Let me see how I can write a post using  the title  :

“Me is the new box”

Years ago in the land of wizards there lived a sage who was capable of  turning anyone into whatever he wanted, a cup, a box,  a tree ,  you name the object he could transform anyone into anything. Do you think this is possible? Well in fiction anything is attainable .

It so happened Mr. and Mrs. stuffed shirt had a daughter whom they named , “Me”, she was a pretty girl who was aware of her looks. Her personality traits were nothing to boast about. She was stubborn, vain, rude, to sum up she was the most obnoxious girl on the land of the wizard.

One of the wizards challenged her to go to the sage and tell him, he could not change her into anything. Now “Me” was always ready to prove people wrong .

Without thinking of the consequence she went to the sage and said:

“Mr. Sage I bet you cannot make me look like a box.”

Mr. Sage was angry he said:

“Are you challenging me?”

Me giggled and said:

“Yes I am .”

As soon as those words came out of her mouth, the Sage was crimson red, he yelled out, “Do not blame me, you asked for it.”

The Sage stood up from his sitting position and drew a few invisible signs on the ground,burst into a roaring laughter which everyone heard in the land including Me’s parents. Young and old,sick and healthy, rich and poor, all ran to see where the noise was coming from.

No one could see anything but a huge square box and the sage laughing. One little boy tip toed to the place where the Sage was, out of curiosity he asked, “Why are you laughing so loud Sage?”

Sage looked at the boy and burst into a laughter louder than the first time. He stopped for a few minutes and said to the boy, “Hi tiny Tot, do you want to challenge me too?”

Tiny Tot had no idea, he raised his eyes and said: “What?”

Sage knew no one had any idea what happened to “Me.”

He took a few steps back and roared: You see the box in the middle?   “Me” is the new box.”

“Don’t you think she is pretty,” he said.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuffed Shirt were livid both screamed, “You change her right now.”

Sage glanced at them and said, “She challenged me, sorry it can’t be done.” 😦


………………………………  🙂