Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions

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What’s messier right now– Your bedroom or your computer’s desk top( or your favorite device’s home screen). Tellus how and why it got to that state?

Right now my bedroom is messier I’d say. I get a fresh layer of dust each morning, on my computer, TV screen and my dresser.

It’s interesting how it got there. Last year the furnace man came to clean up, as we have made arrangements to do yearly clean up. After an hour’s work of so called clean up, he advised me to get someone to clean the accumulated dust as soon as possible.

I went on the hunt to get such a person.I found one in the directory. The guy told me it will be one hundred dollars, I was all smiles who wants to have dust as a pet. So I waved the green flag, “go ahead mister”, I said.

Exactly five minutes later he said the job was done. I was elated no more dust I thought. I gave him one hundred dollars ,he happily went on his way.

From that day I noticed layers of dust on my furniture. I had no idea whence it came from.

Well there was a surprise waiting for me at our local weather channel, this guy gives daily tips about certain things in a household, this day he said, “you must never try to get rid of  dust in the furnace, the dust is packed in, if you try to clean, the dust will loosen and  scatter all over in your house.”

So this is why I see dust layers on everything in my house, not just my bedroom.  😦

…………………………………… 😦

Daily Prompt: I Pledge Allegiance

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Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

I think I am patriotic. To be patriotic   means to support my country through thick and thin. Sometimes it’s not easy to do when my country’s politicians make wrong choices.

It means to buy products that have made in Canada label. This again is not working out for me, there aren’t that many products that have the label I’m looking for. For example most of the clothing we buy have foreign labels.  The reason the businessmen make more money outsourcing.

So you see even though I want to,  the circumstances are beyond my control.

When it comes to sports, my favorite team in ice hockey is  the,”Boston Bruins” you may argue they are not a Canadian team,my argument in this respect is, the players in this  team are mostly Canadian.

My favorite baseball team is the, “Toronto Blue Jays” it’s a Canadian team but the players are not from Canada.

This is my dilemma, the clothes I buy are not made in Canada, of the sports team I support, one is an American team with mostly Canadian players, the other one is a Canadian team with majority of players from different countries.

Am I unpatriotic is a question , I ask? 🙂

………………………………. 🙂